Outrage or Genius? Trump Refuses to Accept Results of Election in Third Debate

Outrage or Genius? Trump Refuses to Accept Results of Election in Third Debate, by Roger Simon.

Donald Trump is more similar to the Founders of our country than anyone who has run for the presidency in my lifetime. …

If Donald Trump believes — as many of us do — that the FBI is corrupt, the Justice Department is corrupt, the other party is hiring violent paid thugs to disrupt his campaign rallies, that no one knows who is really registered to vote, that the press is stratospherically biased, and that his opponent, backed up by all those corrupt entities, should have been indicted, why would a patriot, or for that matter someone who is even routinely honest, necessarily accept the results of the election of that opponent?

Ben Franklin wouldn’t.  Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t.  James Madison wouldn’t.  Sam Adams wouldn’t. Of course, those guys were revolutionaries.  These days we’re just, you know, “good citizens” who obey the rules and move on.  With that kind of behavior in the past, our country wouldn’t even be here. But never mind. …

When Donald said he wouldn’t necessarily accept the results of election 2016, he was doing us all a favor. The democratic republic about whose precariousness Franklin warned us at the founding is shaky indeed at this moment.  Leaders have gone beyond the law, as the new Project Veritas videos painfully remind us once again.  Only the toughest love can save our republic now.

The moderator should have asked the same question of Hillary: if she loses on election night, will she concede or will she blame Russian hackers?

The full debate: