On “Accepting Election Results”

On “Accepting Election Results”. In the  third debate Trump refused to commit to “accepting the result of the election” should he lose. The media are spinning this as upending democracy, but are forgetting one little thing (by John Hinderaker)

But wait! Who was the last candidate who refused to accept the result on election day, as certified by election authorities? Al Gore. Did Gore “upend a basic pillar of American democracy” when he tried to overturn the result of the 2000 election? I don’t remember the Associated Press saying so at the time. In fact, I would bet that the authors of this piece of AP hysteria were rooting for Gore, at the time. Unbelievable.

Gore conceded after the election, then unconceded. Nothing enforceable.

Trump said he will wait and see what happens on election day, because of his concern about voter fraud: “I’ll keep them in suspense.” He has put the establishment on notice: any hint of voter fraud, and there might be problems.