Selling Out Liberty for False Piety

Selling Out Liberty for False Piety, by Michael Finch.

[T]he false piety on display by so many Republicans and conservatives is nothing more than a symptom of the wussification of America and the American male and the selling out of our liberty. Yes, what [Trump] said is crude and immature … But again, I don’t care.

The quislings are all running for the hills. After all, the GOP cannot be led by such a rogue, a womanizer, a brute!

Only because the Democratic-leaning media says so, and they ignore politicians who don’t toe their line.

We have had very pious men in our history, but also very many rogues, drunks, gamblers, womanizers, etc., lead our country, fight our wars, and create our industries. We may not want to admit it, but the very same traits required to take risks, to lead men, to create and build, often coalesce with some of the traits that we find so morally repugnant.

George Patton, Ulysses S. Grant, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson and so many others were hardly saints. Sam Houston’s bio reads like a rap sheet of drunkenness, criminal assault, cuckolding, and misery. And then…. he went on to found the Republic of Texas. George Patton wouldn’t last five minutes in today’s Army of political correctness. He almost didn’t last past Sicily and the slapping of a soldier, not to mention his many “insults.” But how many American lives and the lives in the German camps did he save by steamrolling into Germany months ahead of schedule?

hat-tip Stephen Neil