Hitler house in Austria to be demolished after long row

Hitler house in Austria to be demolished after long row, by the BBC.

The house in Austria where Adolf Hitler was born is set to be demolished to stop it becoming a focal point for neo-Nazis.

The future of the former guesthouse has been widely debated, with opinion torn between razing it or changing its use. …

Hitler was born in a rented room on the top floor of the building, near the Austro-German border, on 20 April 1889.

During Nazi rule, the house was transformed into a shrine to Hitler as the town drew in a wave of tourists. But as the Nazis began to lose control in 1944, it was shut up.

Yet despite the efforts of successive governments to stop it drawing neo-Nazis sympathisers to Braunau am Inn, locals say it still does. “I’ve even witnessed people from Italy or from France coming here… for adoration purposes,” Josef Kogler, a teacher in Braunau, told the BBC.

This is how to change history. No it isn’t.

UPDATE: Up Führer rent: Notorious ‘Hitler House’ which looks like the Nazi leader is available for just £85 a week.