The Disgusting Media Sat on Sexual Assault for a Partisan Victory

The Disgusting Media Sat on Sexual Assault for a Partisan Victory, by Joe Cunningham.

Sixteen women as of now have come forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. Sixteen. It is an avalanche of absolutely bad news for the Trump campaign, and it is far too close to the end of the cycle to recover from it. …

The Wikileaks releases verify for us what we really already know. The Clinton campaign has relied heavily on not only favorable [events], but dictated certain political events in order to orchestrate their victory. There’s really only one way in which this could all be coming out at once:

The Media withheld stories about sexual assault until it was convenient for a presidential candidate. …

None of the stories that horrify them now are new. They are years old. Decades, even. It is mind-blowing that no one decided to drop any of this before now. Unless, of course, you believe the idea that they sat on it in order to destroy him in the general. What’s more, that they did so at the request of the Clinton campaign. It is not only plausible, it is in fact the most likely scenario. It’s not like the journalists just sat on their hands for a year before dropping all this.

Trump was set up in the second debate in preparation for this. The system is rigged.