Read the speeches Hillary Clinton wanted kept secret

Read the speeches Hillary Clinton wanted kept secret, by the Washington Examiner.

During the primary campaign and now well into general election season, Hillary Clinton has tried to keep paid speeches to the global investment banking company Goldman Saches under wraps. She was paid $675,000 for three off-the-record discussions in 2013. Her main primary opponent Bernie Sanders and now Republican nominee Donald Trump have charged that she did not want what she said to one of the world’s richest, most influential banks to get to voters.

This week as part of one of its document dumps, Wikileaks found transcripts of all three Goldman Sachs speeches.

So here’s a question. Hillary gets paid $200k per speech by Goldman Sachs, so how come when she speaks for free hardly anyone turns up?

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Answer: Corruption. She was being paid by Goldman Sachs, but not for the speech.