GOP office firebombed in N.C., vandals warn ‘Nazi Republicans’ to leave town

GOP office firebombed in N.C., vandals warn ‘Nazi Republicans’ to leave town, by Valerie Richardson.

A North Carolina Republican Party office suffered major damage after being firebombed late Saturday or early Sunday …

An explosive device was thrown overnight through the window of the headquarters of the Orange County Republican Party while a swastika and the message, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else” were painted in black on the side of a nearby building.

The Democrats might blame this on … the Russians? No, Trump! CNN’s Stelter Blames Firebombing of NC Republican Office on Trump’s ‘Over Heated’ Rhetoric.

Terrorism In The Form of Arson — The American Left, by Karl Denninger.

Where is the wall-to-wall coverage of not alleged tampering with an election but actual, in-your-face felony violence in an attempt to disrupt political speech and activity along with a clear threat, backed by arson, to murder anyone who doesn’t vote as they wish!

Let’s call this what it is: Domestic terrorism perpetrated by the American Left.

This isn’t someone getting “pushed” or “bad, mean words” being spoken.  It’s a serious criminal offense and likely a federal one at that.  Arson is about as bad as it gets, right up there with … murder, because it often comes with murder.

Sure looks like a leftist hate crime and an act of political violence. If “Trump is Hitler” then this is not only excusable, but demanded by the circumstances, right?

UPDATE: Police on lookout for vandals who spray-painted cars outside Trump rally in Bangor.

FLASHBACK: Bullet-riddled Bush Cheney HQ in 2004. Bush was Hitler too.