ABC’s diversity push? Forgive me for chuckling

ABC’s diversity push? Forgive me for chuckling, by Chris Kenny.

It has always struck me as curious that the most common accents heard at the ABC are from the United Kingdom. Switch on the television or radio any day and you’ll hear journalists, newsreaders and hosts who have the ring of the British Isles about them. … The accents you don’t strike on the ABC are the most common ones on the streets of our cities, suburbs and towns — the western Sydney rasp, Queensland backblocks drawl, clipped intonations of Chinese and Vietnamese Australians, sing-song South Asian tones or those familiar hints of Italian and Greek pronunciations. It is strange — we don’t even hear the pleasant peculiarities of Aboriginal English.

Nup, the ABC prefers the most English of English, where possible — a cultural cringe if ever there was one.

Intellectual mono-culture at the ABC, stamping out opposition across the land:

The ABC will continue to ignore the issue of intellectual diversity. It will continue to ignore its charter obligations to reflect this country rather than lecture it.

We will have every shade of Green Left host and journalist continuing to undermine and skew the work of the shrinking quota of objective professionals.

And as they wander the corridors of Southbank and Ultimo, they will never have to bother themselves with confronting mainstream, right-of-centre or conservative views except through antagonistic interviews and appearances by Institute of Public Affairs guests. Oh, and those awkward surprises sometimes dished up at the ballot box.