State of the race for POTUS

State of the race for POTUS, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

The left is smarter than the right. That explains why, in the long run, during the last 80 years or so, the left has won on every issue it has put its sights on. With one possible exception: the left used to be anti-capitalist. Somewhere along the way, the left joined forces with the corporations and the financial institutions. This unholy alliance has made the left that much more powerful.

From segregated schools at the beginning of the 1950s, today all racist thought-crimes are policed by the mainstream media. Homosexuality has been normalized. From restricted immigration from the Great Depression until 1965, today we are closer to achieving the leftist goal of open borders.

The left is afraid that, unlike with other Republican presidents, Donald Trump can actually turn back the clock and significantly reverse the gains the left has made. The issues the left cares about:

Open borders
Eradicating (perceived) racism
Eradicating gender
Preventing climate change

Notice that, over time, the right has slowly come around to adopting the leftist positions. It just takes two decades or so.

The race may be more in Trump’s favor than the polls show:

People have been shamed into not saying publicly (to a pollster or even on the internet) that they will vote for Trump, but will vote for him in the privacy of the voting booth. And Trump inspires voter turnout among his supporters in a way that neither McCain nor Romney were able to do, and at the same time HRC is much less inspiring to Democrats than Obama, so models that predict likely voters are flawed when used for this election.

In addition, the polling is skewed by interviewing more Democrats and fewer independents, and by collusion with the Democrats. For example, a recent NBC/WSJ poll was conducted by a research group whose CEO works for the Clinton campaign and who received $250k from a pro-Clinton PAC.