Trumped up Morality — No Winners — My Confessions

Trumped up Morality — No Winners — My Confessions, by Jaymez. A rather interesting context no one else seems to be mentioning: Trump’s morality towards women shouldn’t be that surprising. It is in the tradition of past Democratic Presidents, JFK and Bill Clinton. So why is the Democratic party feigning moral outrage? Because it diverts from real issues, especially immigration, terrorism, and jobs.

Jaymez wrote it because some of the much younger voters appear genuinely horrified at Trump’s antics.

Donald Trump is 70 years old. That’s a few years older than me. I grew up watching movies where the Hollywood hero was always the man who took an aggressive approach with his women (yes I am using ‘his’ intentionally). This applied to the characters played by diverse actors such as John Wayne or Elvis Presley. If they set their mind on a woman, they went after her aggressively.

I remember many scenes, usually after a heated argument, where the man would grab the woman and kiss her hard while she resisted, only to melt into his arms and return his kiss. Other scenes where the male lead would smack or grab the butt of a woman in a cheeky manner to her faux horror but secret delight as she grinned to her girlfriends.

John Wayne and Patricia Neal from the film Operation Pacific

John Wayne and Patricia Neal in 1951

There were the scenes of the young couples who went parking in their car on the hill overlooking the city. Even if the girl was interested, back in those days there was no way she could make the first move. Instead the young man would go to kiss her, and she resists at first, but eventually acquiesces. Then his hands go wondering, and she resists at first … you get the picture.

And of course the wealthier, famous or even devious the alpha male character was in the movie, the more likely he was to act this way and be ‘successful’. Think of the characters of John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Clarke Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and everyone who played James Bond up to the 2000’s. …

This was the world Donald Trump grew up in. A world where America’s favorite President, JFK, couldn’t keep it in his pants. But the media looked the other way, and in many ways his philandering just improved his reputation. A woman’s man, yet married to one of the world’s most beautiful women with lovely children and from the most Catholic of backgrounds. President playboy JFK was in office when Trump was in his late teens. …

A “confession”:

I can certainly put my hand up to behavior in my past which would horrify the apparent saints that we have controlling our mainstream and social media coverage. I know I wasn’t the only bloke born in the 50’s acting in that way. Even men who weren’t particularly easy on the eye were more successful with women the more confident and aggressive they were. I’m not talking physical abuse, I mean the grabbed kiss and the forceful wondering hands.

I was openly told by male mentors to assume that if she is with you, then chances are she does want to have sex. So act accordingly because she won’t make the first move. So I was always at risk of making unwanted sexual advances. Sometimes my advances were spurned in a way which could not be mistaken. But I was only encouraged in this behavior by the greater ‘success’ the more ‘assertive’ I became. The lesson we learned back then from real life experience is that women liked men to be confident and ‘take control’.

The hypocrisy of today’s Democrats:

It was no surprise to me that Bill had his dalliance with Monica. And by all accounts it was one of unequal balance … Bill could not, and would not have been impeached for that, because as best I can tell from all the history I have read on the subject, he was not breaking any laws at the time. Where he got himself in trouble was when the affair became public, he lied to the public, and then he lied under oath in court. … Bill tried to ‘pervert the course of justice’ by trying to convince Monica to lie about it at the same hearings.

The only reason that he wasn’t successfully impeached was it required a 67% minimum vote in the Senate and every Democrat voted along party lines to protect their president, effectively saying to their constituents that despite all the actual evidence, they don’t think Bill Clinton lied under oath or tried to influence a witness’ testimony – despite him having admitted the former.

So the Democrats high moral standards, which they claim today against Trump, were nowhere to be seen back then.

I wouldn’t have cared less about what FDR, JFK or Bill Clinton did sexually while in office, unless it was illegal. …

All the while this was going on, Hillary Clinton was calling Jones, Lewinsky and all of Bill’s other rape and sexual harassment accusers who had come forward, liars, trailer trash, looney tunes and other names, and threatening them verbally about the consequences of pursuing the matters.

So she and the Democrats supported Bill through all this and now he stands as one of the most favoured sons of the Democrats. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton decided she would become a feminist champion after declaring her intention to run for President. In one of her tweets she wrote a line she used in subsequent speeches around the country, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported.”

The fact that she said this with a straight face, and the Democrats hailed her – that’s the hypocrisy I can’t stand.

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