The Lockstep Partnership Between Clintons And The Media Is Bad For America The Lockstep Partnership Between Clintons And The Media Is Bad For America

The Lockstep Partnership Between Clintons And The Media Is Bad For America, by Mollie Hemmingway.

There are three possible explanations for the timing of this week’s oppo dump. None look particularly good for the media.

Trump was set up by the media, big time.

At the presidential debate on Sunday night, Anderson Cooper of CNN thrice asked the same question in reference to the “Access Hollywood” tape that had been leaked two days prior. The text doesn’t quite give the indication of just how hard Cooper pushed for the denial, but here it is:

“For the record, are you saying, what you said on the bus 11 years ago, that you did not kiss women without consent or grope women without consent. So you’re saying you never did that. Have you ever done those things?”

That night, prominent #NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro wrote, “This exchange is the set-up. The next week is going to be the punch line.” He added, “That Cooper grilling was a complete set-up, and Trump fell for it. Every woman Trump ever kissed without permission will now come out.”

Within a few days, a series of negative stories about Donald Trump making unwanted advances on women were unveiled throughout the political-media industrial complex. BuzzFeed, The New York Times, The Guardian, the Palm Beach Post, CBS News, People magazine, and NBC News all released stories within a few hours of each other. They’re all unseemly. …

None of it is particularly surprising for a man who spent decades bragging about his sexual prowess, adultery, handsiness, sexual entitlement, and so on and so forth. …

There was a set up in the first debate too:

This was the second debate in a row that set up a media attack on Trump. In the first debate, the work was done by Hillary Clinton herself. Folks noted at the time she had rushed through a response on one question and added in a mention of a Miss Universe who had said Trump called her fat. The next morning, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian published photo features of Alicia Machado that had been waiting around. The New York Times had a double-bylined article published within hours. And the rest of the media — and Trump himself, of course — kept the story going all week. …

The media/Democrat strategy was to wait until Trump was locked in as the Republican candidate, then discover “a decade old story JUST IN TIME for the election.” Lucky they didn’t discover it four weeks too late.

[U]nless you claim to believe that every single person involved in these allegations just happened to be spurred at the same exact moment to go public and only because Cooper just happened to force magic words out of Trump’s mouth, we have three explanations for the current timing of the opposition research dump. None of them looks particularly good for the media.

1) The media had the information, but chose not to write about it until now. 2) The media didn’t bother looking for any of the information until after Trump had clinched the GOP nomination. Or 3) the media didn’t look for the information during the primary and didn’t look for the information during the general, and only used what the Clinton camp gave them over the last few weeks. …

The entire issue of Bill Clinton’s sexaul assaults of women and Hillary Clinton’s enabling of it was dismissed thusly by CBS: “It’s a clear attempt to change the subject.” This is not a journalistic class interested in helping women exploited by sexually entitled men or their powerful wives. …

Trump isn’t worse than anyone else in Hollywood, a land where sexual entitlement is embraced, protected, and covered up until such time as it’s necessary to throw someone under the bus. NBC had this video for years. Billy Bush was apparently bragging about it at the Olympics. It didn’t draw attention prior to Trump’s run because it was so normal. NBC paid Trump millions and millions of dollars all while knowing he was this cad. But now it’s all crashing down at just the precisely right moment.

The bottom line:

So this week, when we could be having frenzied outrages about the racism of Clinton staffers, the conspiratorial anti-Catholicism of Clinton staffers, the crony capitalism of the frontrunner, and her ties to foreign governments, we are instead continuing to learn that the man who has bragged for decades about being a lecherous womanizer is that. It’s good for accomplishing the goal of electing Hillary Clinton and maintaining the status quo.

The real story here is the media, and the way we public are systematically misinformed and played for fools. The media is the scandal.

hat-tip Stephen Neil