Islamic Maldives leaves Commonwealth amid democracy row

Islamic Maldives leaves Commonwealth amid democracy row, by the BBC.

The Maldives has withdrawn from the Commonwealth, accusing it of interfering in domestic affairs and “unfair and unjust” treatment.

The Commonwealth had warned the Maldives of possible suspension if it failed to show progress on democracy. It has faced questions over freedom of speech, the detention of opponents and the independence of the judiciary. …

August saw a strict defamation law come into force, with stiff punishments for comments or actions considered insulting to Islam or which “contradict general social norms”, and tighter restrictions on demonstrations.

The death penalty is also being reintroduced, after a 60-year unofficial moratorium. …

The Maldives is a largely Sunni Muslim nation made up of 1,192 individual islands. It is renowned as a holiday destination for its beaches and luxury resorts.

Maldives beach

More evidence that our culture and Islam are fundamentally incompatible.