Blaspheming Against Black Lives Matter

Blaspheming Against Black Lives Matter, by Rod Dreher.

An adjunct faculty member [at the University of Virginia], a white male, compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK on somebody’s Facebook feed. All hell broke loose. Now the man is on leave. …

Thomas Jeffersonm (1743-1826), 1791

Declaration of Independence author Thomas Jefferson founded  the University of Virginia in 1819

This is insane. Muir’s remark was dumb, but the idea that a university can compel a professor to take a leave of absence for stating a political opinion (however ill-considered) is terrifying. The idea that these righteous, righteous students have no sense that free speech (even offensive speech) ought to be protected, especially within the bounds of a university, is also terrifying. …

These college administrators are … establishing a protected class on campus, or at least a protected organization: Black Lives Matter. And these SJW students are declaring by their actions that no criticism of BLM will be tolerated. … If you were a student or professor today teaching at UVA, would you feel at liberty to utter a single word of criticism of Black Lives Matter, even in polite and respectful language?

Look, people who support BLM ought to have criticized Prof. Muir, and made arguments for why what he said was wrong. That’s what we do in a liberal democracy. Who knows, maybe they could have reasoned with Muir and showed him why comparing BLM to the KKK is wrong. We will never know now, though. Shoot one, teach a thousand: everybody on the campus of the University of Virginia is now on notice that to criticize Black Lives Matter at all — on Twitter, on Facebook, anywhere — could bring onto oneself a world of trouble. So much for Mr. Jefferson’s university. Reason is not allowed into the arena to combat error. It’s only about power now. …

[T]he Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, a black man, has taken to social media to call for the citizens of the city to boycott restaurants owned by Prof. Muir … This is disgusting — and dangerous! When you have a senior city official calling on the citizenry to boycott a man’s business because you disagree with his political opinion, and demanding that he submit to re-education, democracy is in trouble. These Social Justice Warriors are not content to cost this man his teaching position. Now they want to destroy his wife’s restaurant.

hat-tip Stephen Neil