This Is What Happened When a Girl Fat Shamed a Man in McDonald’s

This Is What Happened When a Girl Fat Shamed a Man in McDonald’s, by Hayley Richardson.

A shocking video in which two girls fat shame a man in a UK McDonald’s has sparked outrage on social media.

The footage shows the man being bullied for being overweight as he waits in line to order at a branch of the fast food chain. The two girls don’t hold back, calling it “disgusting” that “fat people” continue to eat at places like McDonald’s and telling the man he “shouldn’t be in there”.

However, all is not as it seems. The controversial video is actually a social experiment, conducted by YouTube channel Trollstation.

As they tell him he should “stop eating” and “jog on” as he’s “so fat already”, the two lads in front of the victim look stunned by the exchange. One asks the girl driving the assault, “what is your problem?” as she argues she is “just trying to help him”.

She challenges the lad: “What, you think he should just carry on eating McDonald’s? He’s fat, he should leave,” before telling the man he should “order a f*****g salad”.

As the exchange becomes more irate, another customer then steps in to defend the man. Furious, he shouts: “I’ve got a belly as well, watch” before lifting his jumper to reveal his stomach. He continues: “You can’t treat him like that, how dare you,” before tipping his drink over the girl’s head, to cheers from fellow customers. [at 2:37]