Terror arrests: Counter-terrorism police arrest pair in Bankstown in Sydney

Terror arrests: Counter-terrorism police arrest pair on their way to behead an innocent victim in Bankstown in Sydney, by Brenden Hills.

TWO radical schoolboys allegedly on their way to behead an innocent victim with bayonets in Bankstown yesterday have links to Islamic State, police said this morning.

Police swooped on the 16-year-olds in a laneway behind a Bankstown mosque about midday, hours after the pair allegedly bought two bayonets at a gun shop.

Investigators have found evidence linking the two boys to the Islamic State terror group, Acting Police Commissioner Cath Burn said this morning. “We will be alleging this attack was inspired by Islamic State. The charge that relates to membership of an organisation, we will allude to their association or allegiance with Islamic State. They’ve been charged with acts in preparation to commit a terrorist act and also membership of a terrorist organisation.”

Mr Turnbull, those Muslim boys were literally obeying the Quran, by Kirralie Smith, NSW candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance.

The Muslim boys who were arrested yesterday behind Bankstown mosque were literally obeying the commands of Allah in the Quran and following the example of the so-called prophet Muhammed as they are commanded to do according to Islam.

Surely you and your security agencies can read? Surely you and your security agencies can hear? These verses are preached in mosques, Islamic schools, on the internet, everywhere!

It is not surprising at all that Muslims of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds are picking up knives and threatening terror on our streets. It is all there in black and white in the Islamic texts.

She quotes several verses of the Koran to Mr Turnbull, then continues:

It is irrelevant that you find some Imams or Mullahs who say those verses have been misinterpreted. It is irrelevant that some Muslims say Islam is a religion of peace. It is irrelevant that some Muslims have rejected these commands and outright disobey them by ‘integrating’ and taking on western values.

What is relevant is the fact an increasing number of Muslims are literally obeying these commands. Whilever the Quran, Hadiths and example of the so-called prophet remain unchallenged this country will have to deal with an increasing number of devout, pious, Quran reading, prophet exemplifying Muslims taking up the commands to be violent.

Your expensive and irrelevant ‘deradicalisation’ programs are an insult to our intelligence. Muslim only football games so they can play with themselves aren’t going to de-radicalise anyone! Spending millions of dollars on programs that include gym membership and community projects mean nothing!

The focus needs to be on convincing Muslims to reject the vile and barbaric commands stated in the Islamic texts. There are hundreds of verses that must be rejected. The example of Muhammad is a nightmare and yet everyday, in every mosque, Islamic school and Muslim home, Muslims are encouraged to be like Muhammad. Yet he became increasingly violent and abrogation means the earlier, more peaceful verses of the texts are cancelled and replaced by the later more violent ones.

Your denial or deliberate deception in these matters puts … police and … community lives at risk. You can do something about this. You can be honest and you can confront the reality that Islam is a totalitarian ideology hiding behind a thin veil of religion. The other major world religions are primarily concerned with acts of worship and acts of service. No one is concerned about Muslims praying, fasting of giving to the poor. However Islam goes way beyond this. It has an entire legal and political system with military aspirations.

The boys arrested yesterday, the other jihadists in our jails, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the other OIC nations, they all understand and adhere to this fact – Islam is a total and complete way of life they believe is supreme and must dominate every other religion, culture and country.

Why do you refuse to admit it? Because a few Muslims have told you it’s not true? Because a few Muslims who are either disobeying and rejecting their religious texts (and yet still call themselves Muslims) say don’t worry, that is not Islam? Is it because many Muslims obey Sura 16:106, 3:28 and others and you fall for it?

What is your reason for condescendingly lecturing Australians to be more tolerant in the face of increasing threats to our security? It is clear as day to us that these Muslims are simply obeying the commands of the Islamic texts. The Muslims who don’t obey are not the issue. An increasing number of Muslims from a wide range of educational levels, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities are acting on these commands.

Why not lecture Muslims to disregard, disobey and reject outright the commands in the Quran and the vile example of the so-called prophet? Why don’t you apply critical thought and analysis to this destructive and divisive ideology? Why are you so overprotective of Islam?

Malcolm Turnbull is politically correct, afraid to be seen to “discriminate,” and ends up effectively supporting a seventh-century Arabic totalitarian culture over our own because he cannot discriminate between good and evil. What an idiot. Plays well at dinner parties though, doesn’t it? Hope the problems Australia is importing and nurturing to pay aren’t too high a price for the dinner-party excellence of the politically correct — surely not? You don’t live near Bankstown, do you Mr Turnbull?