Why are some trying to turn life into one big hate-crime?

Why are some trying to turn life into one big hate-crime? by Douglas Murray.

After voting for Brexit earlier this year did you come over all homophobic? I mean after you did all the obvious stuff like beat up a few ethnic minorities and burn a Torah. A piece in the Guardian at the weekend explains that ‘Homophobic attacks in UK rose 147 per cent in three months after Brexit vote.’ …

More likely is that these figures are another part of that growth industry of pressure groups now intent on proving that Britain is the world’s most vile and intolerant country. …

Allow me to give an example. A while ago an acquaintance of mine was on a late night train when some strangers tried to pick a fight with him. He was smartly dressed and this appeared to be the root of the ‘problem’. In the end the police were called and detained the attackers. They also discovered that the victim was gay. At which point the officers apparently spent a considerable amount of time trying to pressure the victim to say that the incident had been motivated by ‘homophobia’. He didn’t think it had been, not least because nothing about being gay had come up. He insisted on this and succeeded in stopping the hate-crime charges being logged, although it apparently required a lot of persistence to stop the police from doing so. For them, you see, that would have made it a better night’s work. Not just a mundane act of violence on a train, but a hate-crime. I would bet that the police are at this a fair amount.

They have been told by their superiors to pursue this amorphous type of crime and so everybody of a certain sexual orientation, skin colour or religion will be encouraged to view and record things in such a manner. They will be aided by the fact that a lot of victims will understandably be more than happy to throw the book at anyone who has attacked them or been unpleasant in any way to them. Not everyone will hold out for the truth if the police themselves don’t seem that bothered about it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil