Turnbull calls for unity with Muslims

Turnbull calls for unity with Muslims, by Fergus Hunter in the Sydney Morning Herald.

As Donald Trump questioned Muslims, Turnbull and Shorten did something remarkable.

Donald Trump’s gloating about sexual assault wasn’t the only lightning rod of Monday’s fiery second presidential debate. Muslims living in America and those seeking to come in as refugees from conflict in the Middle East also came in for a serve. …

At the very same time, a world away, the picture couldn’t have been more different as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten rose in Parliament to back a bipartisan motion calling for a respectful and unified Australia.

It highlighted Indigenous people, refugees and Muslims, reaffirming commitment to equal rights, a non-discriminatory immigration policy, reconciliation, multiculturalism and denouncing racism.

Turnbull seems to be unaware about Islam:

“Australia and the world faces the threat of terrorism perpetrated and promoted by extremists who claim to be fighting and killing for Islam,” Mr Turnbull said, arguing terrorists “blaspheme Islam” and have been condemned by Muslims.

“Now the object of these terrorists is to divide Islam by driving a wedge of violence between Muslims, between Sunni and Shia and to turn Muslims against the West and the West against Muslims.

“The resolution of this conflict within Islam will ultimately depend on Muslims, but in the meantime the Islamist terrorists have succeeded in raising levels of anxiety about Muslim immigration, about the role of Islam itself within Australia.”

What rot. The Koran is quite clear, and is the word of God as dictated by the archangel Gabriel so it is not up for re-interpretation. So there will always be fundamentalist Muslims out to conquer the rest of us, while many Muslims look on approvingly. What sort of “religion” sentences people who leave to death? Islam is a totalitarian political movement that seeks to control the whole world. It’s not exactly a secret Mr Turnbull.

A recent poll found 49 per cent of respondents supported a ban on Muslim migration to Australia, citing concerns about integration, divergent values and terrorism.

Mr Shorten presumes too much, quite deliberately for political effect:

Mr Shorten said the word “tolerance” was no longer adequate and said Australians “embrace diversity”.

“Diversity is not a minor inconvenience to be endured, it’s not a device of political correctness … it’s the collective power of our nation, of all of us,” he said.

Comments a reader:

Yes, and that’s precisely why Australia and other western countries are on the wrong track in the face of this problem. You cannot have unity between a western democracy and an entirely different social system: Islam. It’s a tautology.

This simple fact is staring us all in the face, no matter how hard the politicians and the lying media try to fiddle with semantics and look as hard as they possibly can in all the wrong places for answers.