Mike Baird backflips on greyhound racing ban

Mike Baird backflips on greyhound racing ban, by Samantha Hutchinson. Hooray!

An apologetic Premier Mike Baird has backed down on a controversial plan to end greyhound racing, admitting he and his government “got it wrong’’.

“In hindsight as we reflect on this we got it wrong. I got it wrong, Cabinet got it wrong. The Government got it wrong,’’ Mr Baird said at the start of a 52-minute press conference announcing the about face.

He said the decision to reverse the ban had come after listening to feedback from the industry.

“We chose a course that we believed was right,” Mr Baird said. “We did not give the good people in the industry the chance to respond, a chance to reform,” he said. “On behalf of that, I am sorry. That is something we should have done. The first path we chose was wrong. We’ve chosen a new one.’’

Democracy provides accountability. Baird wanted to go with the progressive elite, and started to, but realized he would lose to many votes — his popularity rating and his government’s standing in the polls both tanked badly after he announced an imminent ban on greyhound racing. Democratic accountability in action.

Not that any member of the global elite or their wannabes would be seen dead going anywhere near a greyhound race track. The doggies, almost a victim of class warfare and prejudice, have survived for now.

In announcing the decision, he said the industry would be given “one final chance’’. But the industry would be subject to the “strictest regulations that exist anywhere in the country to clamp down on animal cruelty’’. The new regime will impose mandatory life bans as well as increased jail terms for live baiting.