Our language is policed worse than a Jewish ghetto in Nazi Germany.

Our language is policed worse than a Jewish ghetto in Nazi Germany, by James E. Miller.

Just consider the environment kids are coming of age in.

Our language is policed worse than a Jewish ghetto in Nazi Germany. Say something out of line with liberal orthodoxy? You might as well file for unemployment, because your livelihood is gone. Traditionalists are being purged from respectable company, while dissidents are shouted down in the public square. The media is on 24/7 patrol for thoughtcrime. When offenders are spotted, a rabid online hate-mob descends upon them like maggots on an animal carcass.

High school students are not immune from PC pogroms, especially white males. Last year … social psychologist Jonathan Haidt visited an unspecified private high school in California to give a talk on intellectual freedom. Haidt is one of the country’s foremost defenders of free inquiry. At first, Haidt’s oration didn’t go well. His remarks were met with jeers and confrontational questions at the end. But afterward, he took sixty students to another, more open classroom and had a discussion with them. The answers he received about the nature of free speech in high school were startling. …

About three-quarters of the female students felt comfortable speaking in class versus only 20 percent of males. Likewise, nonwhite students were more comfortable expressing their opinion versus their white counterparts. And, of course, conservative students felt like they were walking on eggshells compared with liberals.

Even at the high school level, the PC regime is strong. Just imagine you’re an average white male student in America. Media elites undermine you constantly. Your school is a weird social experiment where sexual minorities are mollycoddled. You can’t utter a word in class without the shrill shriek of harpies silencing your voice. And if you happen to live in a part of the country racked with globalization, your family and neighbors might be stuck in a deadly cycle of drug use and empty excuses.