Drunkblogging the Sex, Lies, and WikiLeaks Debate

Drunkblogging the Sex, Lies, and WikiLeaks Debate, by Stephen Green.

[I]t’s clear that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump loathe each other. Instead of a 90 minute town hall format, there’s no doubt that both candidates would eagerly agree to a debate held in a Roman Colosseum, to the death. …

I’ve seen [all the presidential debates]. I’ve drank to most of them. Most have faded into nothingness. This one, however, might linger.

I’ve never seen one candidate come on so weak, then reverse course — in his own limited, almost demented fashion — so strongly.

I’ve never seen another candidate, so thoroughly programed, act as though her various subroutines had been corrupted by one of those nasty Russian viruses.