Islam and the Clash of Civilizations

Islam and the Clash of Civilizations, by Ali Sina.

Hundreds, if not thousands of books have been published on Islam and the threat that it poses to the western civilization since the aftermath of 9/11/ 2001. While many of them are invaluable, some stand out. One such a book is the newly released Islam: and the Clash of Civilizations, by … Panini [who has been studying the growth of Islamic fundamentalism worldwide for over thirty years. He is a native of India and an American citizen. Panini is a pseudonym.]

In the 21st century, the greatest threat to the existence of the United States and its allies in Europe does not come from Russia, China, or North Korea. It comes from Islam. Islam is not merely a religion. It is a complete civilization with its own ethics, metaphysics, theology, and political theory in opposition to every other civilization on Earth. …

Islam is a unique problem, but a very old one for European civilization. Islam is a meme for world conquest, and it’s working pretty well so far. It is far more than a religion — what other religion prescribes the death penalty for leaving?

We are not at war with terrorists or with radical Islamists. There is no such thing as radical Islam. There is only one Islam, which is at war with us. “The problem,” as Panini says, “is Muhammad, the Qur’an and sharia, period.”

Fighting radical Islam is shadow boxing. You kill hundreds of terrorists, and thousands crawl out from beneath the rocks. They are now recruiting our children to kill us and we are helping them to do so. It took just $500,000 for Bin Laden to kill 3000 Americans. The financial damage to the country exceeded $3.3 trillion. It cost nothing for the Chechen Tsarnaev brothers to kill 3 people and injure/maim an estimated 264 others.

With Iran and consequently Saudi Arabia becoming nuclear powers, this war will take a new dimension. What we saw so far is child’s play in comparison to what is to come. This is not a war that you can win through military superiority.

The fact that politicians think the problem of Islamic terrorism can be solved through military force shows how little they understand it.

Beware the politically correct myths about Islam.

[Panini] shows how Islam destroyed mighty civilizations and how great cultures were reduced into barbarity when they succumbed to Islam. He explains the problems affecting the Muslim world, country after country, leaving no room for doubt that Islam is the problem. There is not a single bright spot in this creed. The so-called Golden Age of Islam is a myth. It never existed, and what existed had nothing to do with Islam. Islam killed scientific inquiry, suppressed rational thought, and delayed the advent of Enlightenment for 700 years. He also shows why Islam is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and as such has no place in America. …

Western civilization is under attack; and the politicians, the media, and the educational institutions are all compromised. Those who are elected to protect us are selling out our freedom and the freedom of our children to fill their pockets for a few years of worldly power.

Politicians all over the world try to outdo each other to appease Muslims and vie for their vote. They are helping the enemy, while wasting your money and the lives of your sons and daughters fighting a phantom. That is why we are losing this war. This war cannot be won by surgically and methodically hunting down the terrorists, as Newt Gingrich suggests. And we don’t need to be constantly reminded that there is something wrong with Islam or that it needs reformation. Islam does not allow reform. It is a fossilized creed. It allows no change.

hat-tip Stephen Neil