Important Question for the GOP “Intellectual” Class: What Percentage of the GOP Do You Estimate Actually Are Irredeemably Racist Deplorables?

Important Question for the GOP “Intellectual” Class: What Percentage of the GOP Do You Estimate Actually Are Irredeemably Racist Deplorables? By Ace of Spades.

There are several possible answers to this.

One answer — which “Consistent Conservatives” used to offer as a matter of course — is that of course there are some racists and anti-Semites in the GOP, or at least who try to mix in GOP circles, but 1, this is a small fraction of the GOP, a fringe which has no power nor influence, and 2, the Democrat Party has a roughly equal fraction of racists and anti-Semites. Probably more, actually.

Another possible answer is that there are so many racists — or near-racists ready to become full racists are soon as the Go Sign, the Racist Bat Signal, is flashed up to the sky — that it requires the extreme measure of throwing a presidential election to make sure that this faction is checked and the party is kept from being “hijacked” by this largish force.

So for the NeverTrumpers making the argument that Trump must be stopped to keep this faction from being “empowered:” Just how large of a force do you think these Racist, Anti-Semitic GOPers constitute?

Apparently… it’s such a large fraction that if they are given any succor, anything that Team Racist can call a “win” on Twitter, the party will naturally and inexorably join the Dark Side and hate on minorities. …

Charges of “racism” has become a hypocritical nonsense used by the politically correct to cow and diminish anyone who doesn’t support them, and it seems they have brow beaten the establishment Republicans into joining them as a PC party — the team B of political correctness, to the Democrats team A.

At what point did you realize the party was jam-packed full of racists and anti-semites, so many, in fact, that it becomes a moral necessity to tank an election to prevent them from taking over the country?

Have you always suspected this? Or did this revelation occur the day Trump won enough delegates to become nominee? …

Do you think that, after you successfully throw the election to Hillary, all these racist voters can be successfully re-programmed to be non-racist? …

On that last point: If you intend to re-assimilate the racists into your party to regain political power, but use them to your own ends, you’re still kinda depending on/courting these racists, aren’t you? …

In what sense do you disagree with Hillary Clinton’s claim that “about half” of Trump’s supporters could be put into a “basket of deplorables,” irredeemable in their racism?

All good questions for the PC wannabes in the various conservative establishments around the world.