Dan Andrews, Political Crossdresser: The Sex Agenda in Victoria

Dan Andrews, Political Crossdresser: The Sex Agenda in Victoria, by Simon Kennedy.

What would you say if I told you that Dan Andrews’, affable Premier of the self-proclaimed ‘Education State’, is leading the most radical government Victoria has ever seen? …

The Victorian Government recently introduced a bill under which freedom of association is thrown away for some opponents of the politically correct:

…religious schools, churches, synagogues will be forced to justify their employment decisions before the state’s human-rights commissars and employment tribunals.

The bill is designed to restrict the ability of religious organisations to discriminate when employing people based on, wait for it, religious beliefs. Only when the role in question has religious belief as an “inherent requirement” will such bodies be able to “discriminate”. Critically, the bill also puts in place mechanisms to force religious organisations to justify decisions that see them decline to hire those whose sexual ethics and practice run counter to their beliefs.

Another bill is even more radical:

Victorians will be free to change the sex recorded on their birth certificates without any medical or biological reason: the bill is explicitly intended to bypass the inconveniences of sex-reassignment surgery and re-define gender as an option, not a biological fact. For an individual to do as much requires nothing more than than a supporting statement by an adult third party who has known the petitioner for 12 months or longer and accepts them as the gender they prefer.

Andrews & Co., believe biology and chromosomes have nothing to do with it, that everyone should be free to choose their own genders. Yes,  you understand correctly. If this bill passes there will be no objective meaning to “gender” or “sex” in Victoria. The definition will be entirely variable, based solely on the individual’s personal, subjective preference as to whether they officially identify as a male, female or whatever.

hat-tip Stephen Neil