The Meaning of Donald Trump – An American Conservative’s Perspective

The Meaning of Donald Trump – An American Conservative’s Perspective, by Kurt Schlicter.

The rise of Donald Trump is not a fascist phenomenon, nor is it conservative in the American sense. Rather Trump, along with the rise of defeated Democrat nominee and self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, represents a power shift among the coalitions making up the American political parties.

These two movements represent the rise of Americans who feel that they have been voiceless and subject to rule by a self-dealing, dishonest, and corrupt elite that controls the narrative through lies, ignores their concerns, and holds them in contempt.

There is no tradition of anything the Europeans would recognize as either fascism or communism in the US. Trump is anti-PC and anti-elite:

Trump represents both a repudiation of the liberal demands for conformity of thought, often lumped generally under the label “political correctness,” and a rejection of the “rigged system” that sees one set of laws for the elite and another for regular citizens.

“Political correctness” had successfully stifled free discussion of the costs of both legal and illegal immigration. Complaints about the loss of jobs, about terrible crimes committed by immigrants who should have been deported, and about the government refusing to enforce duly enacted laws were silenced with blanket assertions of racism.

At the same time, rampant corruption among those connected to the liberal establishment — most shockingly with Hillary Clinton being cleared of charges of misusing classified material when the same facts would have doubtlessly led to the imprisonment of unconnected Americans — opened a path for Trump. This was especially disruptive because so many Republican politicians, while ideologically conservative, culturally identified with prosperous coastal, urban elites over the suffering citizens of “flyover” America and tried to enforce the same “political correctness.”

Trump is not a conservative:

But Trump is no traditional American conservative. He defies much of what the Republican Party had stood for in recent decades. He brought to the surface previously marginalized views within the party. The Republican Party had defined itself with free trade, but in doing so ignored many of its constituents who have seen their solid, working class manufacturing jobs moved overseas. While the Republican (and Democrat) elite pointed to net gains from free trade, the very real negative effects on working class Americans were ignored. Trump has also bypassed many of the traditional Grand Old Party’s social issues, like gay marriage and abortion, while still winning the support of the vital evangelical Christian component of the Republican coalition.

Finally, while aggressively honoring America’s military and veterans, he has turned traditional Republican hawkishness on its head. He still embraces the general consensus that America must remain militarily unchallenged, but he rejects the unlimited use of American power. The non-elite Americans who make up the military have suffered greatly in wars they see as perfectly justifiable morally, but which were fought without a commitment to victory and therefore led to an inexcusable waste of soldiers’ lives.

On NATO, Germany, and Russia:

Furthermore, Trump has given voice to the feeling that those America has fought to free — and keep free — are ungrateful and unwilling to shoulder the burden of their own defense. His recent heresy on NATO’s Article 5 was not based upon a misunderstanding of America’s treaty obligations but upon the widespread feeling that America’s allies have had a free ride on America’s largesse, and that this must end.

Having served in the U.S. Army in Germany in the Cold War, I understood my mission in case of a hot conflict would have been to kill Russians until either the reserves arrived or I died, and this was fine — I knew a large and powerful Bundeswehr would be fighting by my side.

But today, Germany and Europe have allowed their militaries to wither into near uselessness. Trump embodies the question on many Americans’ minds — if the Germans don’t think defending Germany is worth German money and lives, why is it worth American money and lives?

The Democrats and media want you to focus on his tax returns or long past jibes at females (who are equal or superior to men in every way, but need protection from being called certain names — got it?).