SA blackout: Weatherill continues defence of wind farms

SA blackout: Weatherill continues defence of wind farms, by Michael Owen.

Jay Weatherill has today continued a robust defence of renewable energy, steadfastly refusing to accept that a lack of output from six South Australian wind farms was a key event that contributed to the state’s blackout last week.

This is despite the findings of an initial report from the Australian Energy Market Operator that found the sudden disconnection of wind farm generation helped cause the state’s main interconnector with Victoria to overload, causing the entire state network to switch itself off.

Our political class have a deficit of intelligence and honesty, especially when it comes to global warming and green projects.

The Premier today said that anyone who questioned the state’s reliance on intermittent renewable power “were essentially setting to demonise wind power … (and) were clearly motivated by political motivations and not by any of the technical facts”.

Projection run rampant.