Now for NEXIT? Dutch ‘turn to the right’ as eurosceptic Geert Wilders soars in polls

Now for NEXIT? Dutch ‘turn to the right’ as eurosceptic Geert Wilders soars in polls, by Nick Gutteridge.

Political expert Tom-Jan Meeus said euroscepticism is booming in the traditionally liberal country and predicted that right-wing candidate Geert Wilders could become its next leader.

And he said that a huge amount will hinge on the outcome of the US Presidential election next month, with a vote for Donald Trump likely to embolden ultra conservatives in the Netherlands. …

Mr Wilders, whose anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party is topping the polls, will go up against the more centralist Conservative and current prime minister Mark Rutte.

This could be a huge change for the West. Left sits on sidelines, irrelevant, as Dutch deal finally with their immigrant and Muslim problem.

The campaign pits two right-wing parties against one another, instead of the traditional fight between the Right and the Left.

In Dutch political campaigns, the two leading parties typically gain from a two-way fight, to the detriment of the other parties. So the most probable outcome at this point will see Rutte and Wilders both do very well, while the Left stands to suffer historic losses.

Particularly in the areas of immigration, terror and Islam, this would mean a dramatic turn to the right. The new Netherlands could well become a country that prefers conflict and confrontation over consensus and tolerance.

hat-tip Stephen Neil