12,587 Syrian Refugees Admitted in FY 2016: 12,486 Muslims, 68 Christians, 24 Yazidis

Obama admits 12,587 Syrian refugees: 12,486 Muslims, 68 Christians, 24 Yazidis, by Robert Spencer.

Ten percent of Syria was Christian before the war, and the Christians have been particularly brutalized, often by Obama-backed jihad groups. The refugee population should thus be at least 10% Christian. Instead, Christians accounted for less than one percent of the refugees admitted into the U.S.

Obama is clearly pursuing a strategy to increase the Muslim population of the U.S. He may be doing this out of the confidence that they will vote Democrat, or because he thinks an increased Muslim population in the U.S. will end “Islamophobia,” or for some other reason, even possibly including a generally positive view of Muslims and of the putative benefits of Islam for a society, coming from his upbringing.

hat-tip Stephen Neil