Hillary’s Greatest Nightmare is Coming True: No one likes her

Hillary’s Greatest Nightmare is Coming True. No one likes her. By Daniel Greenfield. Ok this isn’t news, but it is an interesting point.

Hillary Clinton’s greatest nightmare is coming true. Having clawed her way to the top of the heap, she now finds that the heap is sinking under her. The closest thing that she has to a base are black women. They helped her beat Bernie, but her victory alienated the Bernie crowd who drifted to Gary Johnson. And black voter enthusiasm for her is also low. That leaves her with lots of money, but no actual voters.

The Clinton campaign can buy consultants by the yard. It can squander the national budget of a starving African country on a television ad buy in a swing state. What it can’t do is buy enthusiasm.

The vast cultural machinery that made Obama so iconic, that even made a crotchety leftist from Vermont appear likable, needs something to work with. It can’t work with nothing at all.

And nothing is all it has to work with.

When Obama taunted her with, “You’re likable enough, Hillary” during the primary debates while she laughed her awkward fake laugh, he was focusing in a fundamental weakness. Hillary is not likable.

The case for her being made by the media entertainment complex is that she doesn’t have to be likable to be competent. Unfortunately she isn’t competent either. There’s no track record of accomplishments to point to. The truth grasped by most voters is that Hillary is where she is because of her last name.

You mean who she married. So much for Hillary being a feminist success story.

Her accomplishments are a mishmash of corruption, greed and deceit. They’re impressive only to other criminals. Even most Democrats are well aware that Hillary is dishonest and untrustworthy. …

Voting for Hillary is a compromise. Not an ideal. No Democrat believes otherwise. …

Trying to make Hillary seem cool by surrounding her with celebrities only highlights her blandness.

hat-tip Stephen Neil