US election: darkness falls across America

US election: darkness falls across America, by Jennifer Oriel.

In the place of enlightenment, Hillary Clinton champions emo­tionalism, unreason and the barbarian fetish for supranational rule over the sovereignty of liberal democratic people.

Donald Trump rises on a reactionary platform typified by an oppositional stance to anything esta­blishment. The establishment Right so mistrusts Trump that 95 per cent of Republican donors have withdrawn support…

Because the Republican establishment has been co-opted by the politically correct globalists, and favors more third world immigration to the US.

In the past week, the Trump campaign shifted gears from pure anti-establishment fervour to ­nationalism. It is not the nationalism that elevates a single race, ­religion or ideology above all others in the spirit of ethnic chauvinism. Trump’s nationalism is decidedly 21st century. It pits sovereignty against supranationalism in an appeal to those ­ignored by an unaccountable elite and left behind by transnational trade. ..

Rather, Trump’s America is a counter-revolution in waiting. We know what has preceded it; the neo-Marxist march against Western civilisation whose gross dilation finds form in state-sanctified minority supremacy and the political correctness that sustains it. But no one knows what might proceed from a Trump presidency except a counter-revo­lution against PC Left culture by the progressive dismantling of its government agencies, the media, the activist judiciary and universities. …

2 October Real Clear Poll US presidential

Both candidates’ polling improved after the first debate.

The anti-American Revolution spearheaded by the 1960s New Left overturned the Western intellectual and cultural tradition in universities and replaced it with emotionalism, neo-Marxist minority rights and militant mob rule. Its outward expression is a codified regime of political correctness against the principal target of the PC Left: the white, heterosexual male of conservative and/or Christian persuasion.

The increasing militancy of hard Left minority groups such as Black Lives Matter and the Democrats’ financial backing of them fuel Trump’s rise. On two occasions in the past week, BLM activists attacked people simply because they were wearing Trump caps emblazoned with the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. …

Trump’s counter-revolution represents in cultural terms a new nationalism that embraces multiracialism while rejecting the anti-Western tenets of multicultural ideology.

hat-tip Stephen Neil