Bill and Hillary Clinton looked down on Al Gore, but Al Gore made more money and isn’t under investigation by the FBI

Bill and Hillary Clinton looked down on Al Gore, but Gore made more money and isn’t under investigation by the FBI. Al Gore was Bill Clinton’s vice president from 1992 to 2000. The Clintons thought he was a bit thick, a bit nerdy, and more than a little boring — and were happy to see him busy himself with science stuff.

The Clinton’s recent pay-for-play corruption at the State Department, their extravagantly expensive speeches, and those the donations to the Clinton Foundation only earned the Clintons a few hundred million dollars. But Al Gore, after finishing 2000 with less than two million to his name, was a billionaire by about 2007 — from his movie, carbon deals, the carbon emission permits exchange, Apple directorship, and so on. So point 1 to Gore.

Gore’s fortune, shrunken somewhat as the carbon theory of global warming has floundered, was gained honestly, even if based on a mistake. However the Clinton’s modus operandi has landed them in hot water with the FBI, with years of investigation and evasions ahead. Point 2 to Gore.

For the third and final point, who is going to lose a presidential election by more — Hillary or Gore?

Al Gore recieving the Nobel Peace Price 2007

Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. No way Bill and Hillary are going to get one of those.

 Al Gore at The World Economic Forum, 2008

Al Gore upon learning about Weiner and the Dickileaks.

Bill Clinton Impeachment Chief Investigator: I’m ‘Terrified’ of Hillary

Bill Clinton Impeachment Chief Investigator: I’m ‘Terrified’ of Hillary, by Aaron Klein.

Dave Schippers, who served as the Chief Investigative Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee’s probe into whether Bill Clinton committed impeachable offenses, stated in an exclusive radio interview that he is “terrified” of Hillary Clinton.

During the interview … Schippers, unprompted, raised questions about the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster. He further claimed, “We know that there were people who disappeared.

Regarding his stated fear of Hillary, Schippers said:

“Today, I am still terrified of Hillary. Absolutely I am terrified. Because if she gets into office. In fact, I’ve told my wife, I said, ‘If Hillary gets elected, look for the FBI or somebody to come and pick me up the next day.’

“And I think I’m the only one left. [Former Congressman] Henry Hyde is dead. [Independent Counsel Kenneth] Star didn’t really hurt her. Yeah. I was scared when I was out there… I’ve been terrified ever since. Because things happen. Things happen.”

Dark rumors of Clinton victims previously mentioned here.

Agents Accuse Feds of Covering Up Record Border Detainee Numbers for 2016 Election

Agents Accuse Feds of Covering Up Record Border Detainee Numbers for 2016 Election, by Brandon Darby.

A record number of illegal aliens have crossed the U.S.- Mexico border and are in U.S. Border Patrol custody in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV), according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).

Border Patrol Agent and NBPC President Brandon Judd: “We are at breaking point. We have the highest number of illegal aliens in custody in history in Border Patrol’s RGV Sector and this information has been kept from the American public.”

“The talk of amnesty has once again created pull factors and encouraged people from all over the world to cross Mexico and then cross our porous southern border to illegally enter the U.S. We are simply overwhelmed.”

Again, the media has conspired to keep pertinent facts from the public on behalf of the globalists/Democrats.

Will Google and YouTube do to the Internet what the Left has done to our universities?

Will Google and YouTube do to the Internet what the Left has done to our universities? by Dennis Prager. From the Wall Street Journal:

Tech giants like Google and Facebook always deny that their platforms favor some viewpoints over others, but then they don’t do much to avoid looking censorious. ..

Columnist Kimberley Strassel debuted a PragerU lecture on Thursday under the title “The Dark Art of Political Intimidation.” It’s a discourse on the First Amendment and the tactics that progressives are using to limit speech and political engagement by conservatives. Within several hours of PragerU posting the video, YouTube placed it in “restricted mode,” making it inaccessible to schools, libraries and young Americans whose parents have enabled YouTube technology filters.

We posted the video a couple of days ago. Highly recommended. The WSJ continues:

YouTube was proving Ms. Strassel’s point by censoring a video on free speech. Conservative radio host Dennis Prager started PragerU in part to provide younger Americans with viewpoints that they might not find in the liberal educational establishment. PragerU’s more than 100 videos—each a short lecture delivered by a guest—avoid foul language, violent images or indecency. YouTube has nonetheless restricted 18 of them, on topics from policing to university diversity to the Korean War. …

America’s social-media platforms are getting a reputation this election season for censoring conservatives. They can run their businesses as they choose, but the rest of us can also treat YouTube’s claim of supporting free expression with the skepticism it deserves.

The left increasingly shunned and ignored non-left content at universities, and now the universities pump out bzillions of graduates unable to understand the world around them but keen to be SJWs. The leftist tech monopolies are going the same way. We are going to need a “non-left YouTube” soon.

Ex-FBI official: Clintons are a ‘crime family’

Ex-FBI official: Clintons are a ‘crime family’, by Harper Neidig.

[Former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom] said Sunday that Bill and Hillary Clinton are part of a “crime family” and argued top officials hindered the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of State.

“The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically,” Kallstrom said. “It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool.”

Kallstrom, best known for leading the investigation into the explosion of TWA flight 800 in the late ’90s, said that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, was a “pathological liar.”

He also blasted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, claiming that she impeded the investigation into Clinton’s private server.

A President Clinton would be out of control: Glenn Reynolds

A President Clinton would be out of control, by Glenn Reynolds.

“Someone somewhere should have told her no.” Those are the words of a Clinton ally quoted in a roundup of Democratic reactions to Hillary Clinton’s FBI news by congressional newspaper The Hill. …

Someone, somewhere, should have told her no. Well, yes. But who? That was the problem with Secretary of State Clinton, and it will be a bigger problem with a President Clinton. Because, by all appearances, nobody tells Clinton no, and Clinton has no compunction about breaking the rules when it suits her purposes.

Thus the Clinton Foundation became a global money-laundering and influence-peddling organization without precedent in American history. Donors to the foundation were encouraged to steer money to what one employee called “Bill Clinton, Inc.,” and later to Clinton.

State Department personnel did favors for people who donated money to the Foundation. And to make sure that nobody found out what was going on, Clinton ran her own homebrew server operation designed to ensure that Freedom of Information Act requests turned up nothing — and even President Obama, rather than saying no, went along, sending her emails at her non-government address under a fake name. …

When The New York Times reported Clinton’s secret, illegal server, Politico’s Glenn Thrush, far from condemning it, called it “badass.”

Congress? Clinton has stonewalled and run rings around numerous committees investigating her. Besides, Congress had already told her no, in the form of statutes governing the treatment of government communications and classified information. She just ignored those rules and did what she wanted.

Lots of people will tell Trump “no”:

It won’t be that way with a President Trump. This isn’t because Trump is any less arrogant than Clinton (though it would be hard to be more arrogant). It’s because more people will be willing to tell Trump no. The civil service, which leans overwhelmingly Democratic, won’t be bending over backwards to do his will. The press can’t stand him. And the Congress, even if controlled by the GOP, won’t support him if he misbehaves because so many Republicans dislike him, too.

Clinton Foundation: Foreign-funded green groups could take whole swathes of Australia out of the productive economy

Clinton Foundation: Foreign-funded green groups could take whole swathes of Australia out of the productive economy, by Miranda Devine.

Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard … both love to play the gender card, turning their immense privilege into victim status and ­dividing the electorate by sex.

Thus, Gillard nobbled Tony ­Abbott with her fabled misogyny speech and Clinton’s machine manages to drown out every Wikileaks embarrassment with a new Donald Trump bimbo eruption.

The other thing the two ladies have in common is the Clinton Foundation, which Wikileaks emails now show is an influence-peddling political slush fund.

Australia donated big time to the Clinton Foundation:

And guess which country was one of its biggest donors? Australia. Yep, we’re up there with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Australian taxpayer shovelled at least $88 million into the Clinton Foundation and associated entities from 2006 to 2014, reaching a peak of $10.3 million in 2012-13, Gillard’s last year in office. …

In 2009-10 Kevin Rudd handed over another $10 million to the foundation for climate research, part of $300 million he squandered on a Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute.

Gillard also donated $300 million of our money to the Clinton-affiliated Global Partnership for Education.

Lo and behold, [Gillard] became chairman in 2014 and has been ­actively promoting Clinton as president ever since — in a campaign video last December slamming Trump, in opeds trumpeting the next woman president and in appearances with Clinton spruiking girls’ education.

The Abbott government topped up the left-wing organisation’s coffers with another $140 million in 2014, bringing total Australian largesse to $460 million, according to a press release from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

What did we get for all that money? A whole lot of politically correct damage.

The latest treasure trove of Wikileaks emails released last week shows that Australian green groups have been secretly funded to destroy our coal industry by ­environmental activists connected to the Clinton campaign.

The email account of Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta reveals extraordinary details of the sabotage of the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland, which has damaged Australia’s national interest and denied cheap electricity to millions of poor Indians.

Last August John Hepburn, former Greenpeace activist and founder of Australian anti-coal group the Sunrise Project, sent a crowing email to his American paymasters: “I am going to buy a few bottles of bubbly for a celebration with the (Environmental ­Defenders Office) legal team, our colleagues at GetUp, Greenpeace,, ECF, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Mackay Conservation Group, Market Forces and the brilliant and tireless Sunrise team.” …

Podesta’s emails also detail their insidious influence on indigenous land owners … He reveals the imminent expansion of native title claims, either ­approved or quietly being processed, stretch across a whopping 60 per cent of the Australian continent, an area twice the size of Western Europe.

The Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks

The Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks, by the Millenium Report. The top ones:

1. Obama lied: he knew about Hillary’s secret server and wrote to her using a pseudonym, cover-up happened (intent to destroy evidence)

2. Hillary Clinton dreams of completely “open trade and open borders”

3. Hillary Clinton took money from and supported nations that she KNEW funded ISIS and terrorists

4. Hillary has public positions on policy and her private ones

5. Paying people to incite violence and unrest at Trump rallies

6. Hillary’s campaign wants “unaware” and “compliant” citizens

7. Top Hillary aides mock Catholics for their faith

8. Hillary deleted her incriminating emails. State covered it up. Asked about using White House executive privilege to hide from Congress.

9. Bribery: King of Morocco gives Clinton Foundation $12 million to have meeting with Hillary, 6 months later Morocco gets weapons

10. State Department tried to bribe FBI to un-classify Clinton emails (FBI docs)

12. Clinton campaign was in direct communication with DOJ regarding Hillary’s investigation

13. Bill Clinton receives $1 million “birthday gift” from ISIS-funding Qatar while Hillary was SoS, Qatar receives arms flow increases of 1,482%

14. Hillary campaign prays for shooters in news stories to be white

15. Rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders (DNC favored Hillary)

17. Hillary was hateful, neglectful, above the law, “contemptuous” to her security detail, and “blatantly disregarded” security, (FBI docs)

18. Clinton Foundation schemed with Big Pharma to keep the price of AIDS drugs high in America and cheaper generic versions out

19. CNN leaked primary debate question to Hillary through head of DNC

20. Democrats created fake Trump “grope under the meeting table” Craigslist employment ad in May 2016

21. Hillary’s camp excited about a black teen’s murder (to help her agenda)

22. Rigging media polls through oversampling

23. Hillary is still privately against gay marriage

24. Acknowledging radical Islam is a real threat and a “serious problem for our future”

25. Admitting terrorists will infiltrate the Syrian refugee program

28. Hillary says climate change activists should “get a life”

30. Referring to a “Shadow Government” that protects Hillary (FBI docs)

31. List of reporters that Hillary wined and dined, including biggest journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, and a lot more. Off the record.

33. The New York Times is colluding with Hillary, allowed quote edits

61. Entire “interview” with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is staged, reading word-for-word

64. Hillary tweaks her policies based on donors’ wants

66. Illegally coordinating with Priorities USA, a SuperPAC funded by George Soros

67. Racist and sexist remarks: “too white and too male”

77. Bill Clinton admits Clinton Foundation has no “real projects”

80. Proof that ‘Correct the Record’ (SuperPAC) is directly coordinating with the Hillary campaign against federal campaign law

84. Hillary tries to hide her tiny rallies

92. Hillary doesn’t write her own tweets, despite claiming “-H” means  she does

93. On Hillary: “we just keep giving her poll-tested lines that don’t work”

97. Clinton campaign memorizing their email cover-up script

Didn’t intend to note to so many — but there are just so many significant ones!

Tinder might be to blame for rise in syphilis among millennials

Tinder might be to blame for rise in syphilis among millennials, by Naomi Schaefer Riley.

How did you like the 15th century? Not so much? Too bad because syphilis is making a comeback.

According to a new report issued last week by the Centers for Disease Control, there has been a spike in the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea, but syphilis came out on top with a whopping 19 percent rise over just last year. The spike was felt most by young people aged 15-24.

Some experts have pointed to the “Tinder effect,” the idea that online hookup sites are making casual anonymous sex easier and more common than it used to be. It’s true that millennials generally are less likely to be sexually active in their 20s than previous generations and the age of first sexual intercourse has ticked upward in recent years, but it seems that the segment of the population who are having casual sex are having more of it and more of it anonymously. …

Attitudes to disease:

Sure, some sexually transmitted diseases can lead to infertility, but most effects of STDs can be cured with antibiotics. In other words, it is hard to put the fear of God in young people with these kinds of problems. As Josh Bloom of the American Council on Science and Health notes, drugs now allow HIV-positive people to have unprotected sex without passing it on to uninfected partners. “And if they do, so what? You take a pill or two per day and live a mostly normal life.”

Bloom suggests that the rise in syphilis among gay men is “very good, albeit indirect, evidence that the reduced fear of HIV infection is a very important factor in driving up the rates of other STDs.” …

But the effects of these STDs are not negligible. If left untreated, about 10-15 percent of women with chlamydia will develop pelvic inflammatory disease, according to the CDC, which can lead to infertility.

Meanwhile some new strains of gonorrhea have been detected that seem to be resistant to antibiotics. Syphilis is hard to detect because its symptoms look like a lot of other ailments. If untreated it can remain latent in the body for years. In the late stages of syphilis, “The disease may damage the internal organs, including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints.”

The secret forces that could lead to a Trump victory

The secret forces that could lead to a Trump victory, by Michael Walsh. The elite and the media are smugly assuring each other that Donald Trump will lose in a landslide.

But what if the widely swinging polls, turnout models and forecasting mechanisms are all wrong? What if the unique historical circumstances of this election — pitting the female half of a likely criminal family dynasty against a thin-skinned bull-in-a-china-shop businessman — have invalidated conventional wisdom?

What if the ranks of shy voters storm the polls and, in the words of Michael Moore, deliver the biggest rebuke in history to the establishments of both parties?

What if … Hillary Clinton’s margin-of-error lead — currently between 4 and 5 points in the RealClearPolitics average of multiple national polls — turns out to be a Potemkin village, dependent on high turnout among blacks and other minorities and on getting late deciders to turn her way?

What if, in fact, the opposite happens — that Trump’s appeal to the disaffected white working class (many of them Democrats) in coal-mining and Rust Belt states outweighs the Democrats’ traditional advantages in the big cities, flipping a state like Pennsylvania from blue to red?

The bottom line:

The truth is, this is an election not just between Clinton and Trump but a whole raft of political antagonists in Barack Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” America: urban vs. rural; old vs. young; makers vs. takers; taxpayers vs. recipients; white collar vs blue collar; Harvard vs. the heartland; manipulative consultants and biased reporters vs. honest Americans who, however naively, believe that their vote really does matter.

Many have felt apathetic or disenfranchised for decades.

The question is: How many of them are there and are there enough of them to hold the GOP line and deliver the three crucial states to Trump? We’ll soon find out.

Flashback: Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election

Flashback: Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election, by Paul Bedard.

Whispers of “payback” are being directed at Hillary Clinton after she decried as “unprecedented” the surprise FBI revival of its probe of her email scandal.

That’s because 24 years ago, as former President George H.W. Bush was surging back against challenger Bill Clinton, a special prosecutor raised new charges against Bush in the Iran-Contra probe, prompting Clinton to claim he was running against a “culture of corruption.”

Many Republicans claimed that the indictment made by special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh against former Reagan-era Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger the weekend before the 1992 election cost Bush a second term. The indictment, later thrown out, challenged Bush’s claim that he did not know about a controversial arms-for-hostages deal that dogged the Reagan-Bush administration.

How unfortunate for the Clintons that the same should happen to them now.