Entire state of South Australia without electricity as storm hits

Entire state of South Australia without electricity as storm hits, by Joanne Nova.

A storm hit, possibly the worst for 50 years. Winds of 90km/hr gusting to 140km/hr. Reports are that everyone is being told to use their radio’s and stay off the streets. The blackout struck at 4.30pm AEST. Wednesday. UPDATE Wendesday night: Power is coming back to some, but questions are being asked about the state which has more renewable energy than any other in the world. It sure looks like a management disaster. Want to build subs by torchlight?

How long before someone blames climate change?

Five hours later Will Steffen claims it’s driven by climate change: ““The atmosphere is packing much more energy than 70 years ago… This is a prelude to a disturbing future.”

Never mind that there was a worse storm 50 years ago. What was that a prelude too, Will? Fifty years of better weather.

Witchdoctors have no shame.

Commenter James Doogue:

Unless you are in a region blessed by reliable hydro, then with today’s available technology you are always going to have to rely on fossil fuel generated power to back up the wind and solar. If you are going to have the fossil fuel generators sitting there with enough capacity to back up the whole grid, you may as well not bother with the expensive and unreliable wind and solar.

If you happen to think that CO2 emissions are that important, you can’t really justify all the CO2 emissions required to manufacture and maintain the renewable network while also building and maintaining the fossil fuel network.

If people were genuinely concerned about CO2 emissions while wanting to maintain our quality of lifestyle, we should be going headlong into nuclear power, and preferably thorium fuelled.

How is that renewable energy working for you? by Sinclair Davidson.

Senator Xenophon said one of the “great paradoxes” of the situation was that the wind turbine generators, which supply 40 per cent of the state’s power, did not work when the wind was blowing too hard. …

He said the state’s current energy arrangements were a “textbook case” of how not to transition to renewable energy. …

Yes, well, there you have it. Decades of bad policy and tonight there is more light in North Korea than South Australia.