America Is Now An Open-Air Prison For Whites

America Is Now An Open-Air Prison For Whites, by Paul Kersey.

Mulatto Colin Kaepernick is lionized by the Main Stream Media for disrespecting the American flag, but the MSM, the plutocratic owners of professional sports teams and the parasitical multicultural grievance industry have combined to destroy white catcher Steve Clevenger for speaking out against violent black riots. …

Time Magazine put the national anthem-protesting  NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the cover of its September 22 issue, with a flattering profile of the mulatto millionaire hailing him for starting a “necessary conversation” on the relationship between blacks and police. …

The Seattle Mariners has suspended catcher Steve Clevenger for the remainder of the Major League Baseball season over controversial tweets in which he called the Black Lives Matter movement and President Barack Obama “pathetic.” … Steve Clevenger exercised his 1st Amendment right — but quickly discovered free speech only exists if you are repeating already approved Talking Points.

The national conversation about race is really just a one-way monologue where whites are always the villains and non-whites are victims.

More examples follow, then the author melodramatically concludes:

What happened to Clevenger is proof 2016 America is nothing more than an open-air prison, where any white person with a public profile who dares get out of line is immediately struck down in a highly ritualistic manner.

hat-tip Stephen Neil