Many predict certain UK Labour defeat under Jeremy Corbyn as leader

Many predict certain UK Labour defeat under Jeremy Corbyn as leader, by James Lloyd.

Members of parliament from Bri­tain’s Labour Party are steeling themselves for a long war of ­attrition with Jeremy Corbyn, who was re-elected as leader at the weekend, and his hard-left supporters, leading many to fear that there will a “catastrophic” general election defeat.

There was dismay after their ­attempt to oust Corbyn backfired and his victory over rival Owen Smith was confirmed in a half-empty conference hall in Liverpool on Saturday, with one former frontbencher saying: “I feel sick.”

Many have all but given up hope of dislodging the Labour leader before the next election and fear that the more moderate members — and MPs — will desert the party.

Allowing the rank-and-file a vote on the Labor leader in the UK has handed control of the British Labor Party over to the hard left. With little prospect of winning an election, Labor’s ability to keep the government in check and under scrutiny will be weakened, and government in the UK will suffer. It is not workable — Labor should return to the fully parliamentary system, of MPs selecting their leader but the rank and file selecting Labour’s candidates for Parliament.

Electorates around the western world are clearly very unhappy with the politically correct establishment, on both the left and right. So the global elite will have to reform themselves, resort to tyranny, or subvert democracy by hiding behind unaccountable international bureaucracies that make the real decisions.