Why Won’t You Believe Me When I Say I Want to Kill You?

Why Won’t You Believe Me When I Say I Want to Kill You? by Leslie-Ann Stoffel.

There were six global Islamic jihad attacks in Israel over the weekend, a knife attack in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and a bombing attack in the city of New York, with other bombs found in New York and New Jersey, and yet the elites in the media and the government who hold authority over us insist on covering up the truth and doing everything in their power not to admit that we’re at war with the global jihad. …

We, the Great Unwashed, the hoi polloi, the Deplorables, as Hillary refers to us, are the ones who are suffering from these attacks, not the sneering and contemptuous elites who have security details, live in gated communities, and can afford a $250,000 Hillary Clinton birthday lunch.

The global elite want to destroy Western culture, and replace it with leftist culture:

We aren’t as stupid as they think we are. We know why they’re covering for this seventh century barbarism and importing more of the adherents to our countries. It’s because they want to destroy Western civilization. There can be no other explanation for why our government officials would be so insistent on bringing in millions of people who believe in a religious and political system that is anathema to Western freedom and democracy. …

Meanwhile the Islamists are fighting a thousand year war:

From Paris to Brussels to Jerusalem to St. Cloud to New York, the global jihadists all adhere to the same playbook, the Qur’an. The Islamic State (ISIS) tells us constantly in its online magazine, Dabiq, that its goal is to destroy our miserable infidel lives and create their global caliphate. They believe that they will go to heaven by murdering us as we go about our daily business. They must be wondering what it takes for a jihadist to be taken seriously around here.

hat-tip Stephen Neil