Africa is undergoing a population expansion of epic dimension

Africa is undergoing a population expansion of epic dimension, by Al Fin.

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

But Africa is not expanding on its own merits, or by the efforts of its own people. Africa’s population is rapidly expanding thanks to outside medical, financial, humanitarian, and commercial assistance and investments — which are by no means guaranteed to last into the future.

The low innate IQ of sub Saharan African native peoples reveals what most people in government, academia, and media wish to remain hidden — as populations of “competent assisters” in Europe and the Anglosphere drop, populations of those who need assistance is exploding. The outside help that underlies the unsustainable explosion of black African populations is shifting away from Europe and the Anglosphere to China and India. This will change everything. …

Demography is destiny. Countries and regions that are losing the demographic struggle include Japan, most of western Europe, Russia, South Korea, most of the Anglosphere, and other, scattered nations and city-states.


If one is careful, he will not be fooled by statistics that conflate fertility and births of third world immigrants with births of native, high IQ peoples. Populations of young, healthy, high-IQ peoples represent a much larger promise of future production, innovation, and accomplishment than do large populations of young, uneducable, violent, low-IQ peoples. …

The western world has been swamped for many decades by policies of redistribution from the productive and innovative to the non-productive and dull. By rewarding failure and punishing success, western governments of Europe and the Anglosphere have made it difficult for their middle classes to marry and build families that are capable of feeding into future prosperity, innovation, and achievement.

In the 2016 US elections, Hillary Clinton champions this grand tradition of redistribution, as has Barack Obama throughout his presidency. Donald Trump is something of an enigma, to this point, in terms of the policies which his administration would actually promote.

A reader comments: This is the thing people are simply NOT looking at / thinking about. Everyone is projecting today onto tomorrow. They’re not taking into account these massive demographic shifts. We’re screwed.

It just people with the PC blinkers who have no idea of these realities.