Trump 2016: Smells Like Victory

Trump 2016: Smells Like Victory, by Jim Goad. “No chance” said the PC crew.

Since the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, the scoffers and sneerers and naysayers have stated definitively that he is a Cheeto-colored buffoon who has absolutely no chance of winning the presidency and you’re an idiot for ever thinking he did.

Week after week and month after month, we’ve been assured that Trump finally made a gaffe from which he will never recover, and yet he always recovers. We’ve been lectured endlessly that women and Mexicans and Jews and Muslims and Mormons and gays and trannies and hermaphrodites and otherkin dislike him so much, there’s no way this crusty old white dude with the freaky hairdo can cobble together enough hate-filled, poorly educated white male deplorables to have even a chance of winning. (I will note for the record that on average, nonwhite voters are far less educated than white ones, but the mainstream press avoids this fact as if it were a leaky, blistering case of anal herpes.)

A mere five weeks ago, Trump trailed Clinton by about eight points in national polls. Vanity Fair crowed that “Trump’s poll numbers are collapsing” and predicted that “Clinton’s headed for a landslide.” Pundits, certain that the GOP had another Goldwater on their hands, were solemnly nudging him to drop out of the race.


Six days ago, Clinton led Trump by three points in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls. Four days ago, her lead had slipped to 2.3 points. As I type this on Sunday night, Trump is less than one percentage point behind Clinton and nipping like a wolf at her cankles.

All it will take now…

Trump’s recent ascent in the polls has been aided greatly by Clinton’s “deplorables” comment as well as her pathetic collapse at the 9/11 memorial ceremony which proved that the only “conspiracy theory” about her health was that the establishment press had conspired to deny that she was ill.

An apparent terrorist bombing in Manhattan on Saturday night will only aid Trump. One or two more terrorist attacks on US soil between now and November 8, and he wins. One or two more large-scale urban riots, and he wins. One or two more public displays of Hillary Clinton hacking up her esophagus while having a seizure during a press conference, and he wins.

Someone is looking forward to a settling of scores:

Year after year and generation after generation, the establishment media has shed even the slightest pretense of caring about average working white Americans in flyover country who’ve been screwed up the yin-yang by corporate outsourcing, globalist trade deals, and lax to nonexistent enforcement of immigration laws. For working-class white males in particular, a Democratic Party who once esteemed them as their core constituency has now targeted them as the source of All Things Evil.

Yea, they have shat and shat and shat yet again upon the heads of what were once known as average blue-collar Americans, and yet these sheltered coastal nincompoops still appear clueless about why so many of their Designated Cultural Enemies are enthused about the only candidate in decades who understands and directly addresses what fuels their bitterness.

The media is the root of the problem in the West:

There’s a huge brooding swath of Americans out there who know that the media despises their very existence. Feeling shut out and ignored, these people have plodded along with a sense of learned helplessness and inevitable doom.

These people also realize that the media’s relentlessly desperate attacks on Trump also reflect a near-sadistic disdain for all the alleged rubes and yahoos and throwbacks and inbred hillbillies who support him. What an increasingly disconnected and clueless media fails to realize is that they’ve flaunted their disdain of these people to the point where the blowback will be withering.

This must end, one way or another:

It’s about the blatant white-bashing and male-bashing and straight-bashing that masquerade as “progress” but merely serve to sow division. Too many people have been politely silent about this relentless PSYOP campaign of cultural demoralization to the point where they’re biting their lips bloody. …

What if Trump wins?

A Trump victory would be a deathblow to the media and political establishment. That’s a good thing.

A Trump victory would also lead to massive collective depression and rampant suicidal ideation in all the people that I genuinely hate. It would undermine their very sense of reality and shatter their self-image beyond repair. That’s an even better thing.

I love the smell of leftist fear in the morning. Smells like…victory.