Manipulating U.S. Elections: 10 Ways Voting Is Being Hacked by the Left

Manipulating U.S. Elections: 10 Ways Voting Is Being Hacked by the Left, by Christian Adams.

George Soros-funded organizations are trying to rewrite the rules of how elections are run so that it is easier for Democrats and leftists to win. Flush with millions of dollars, these organizations are seeking to fundamentally transform American election rules so they permanently favor the agenda of Democrats, racial interest groups, progressives, and organized labor.

George Soros

George Soros

1. Block Citizenship Verification. There are ways for election officials to detect aliens on the voter rolls, but it requires the cooperation of the federal government. Under President Obama, the federal government has interfered with efforts to detect and remove non-citizens from the voter rolls. … aliens who registered illegally tend to vote for Democrats.

2. Early Voting. The Soros-funded left has made early voting a top priority. While elections used to take place on Election Day, that proved too hard to get the unmotivated to the polls. Early voting allows the organized labor machine and other progressive organizations to run their GOTV campaign for weeks. There are so many reasons early voting is bad, but perhaps the worst one is that spreading the election out over weeks makes it more difficult to observe the voting process. Only the left has the manpower to park observers in the polls.

3. Out of Precinct Voting. Out of precinct voting means that if you don’t have a clue where to vote, it shouldn’t matter. … advocates will demand no expense be spared to build a system where you can vote where you aren’t supposed to.

4. Felon re-enfranchisement. Convicted felons have traditionally had the franchise limited or eliminated. Those who cannot follow the country’s rules should have no say in creating them. … Ex-cons vote for Democrats at astounding rates, approaching 9 to 1. Multiple presidential elections would have likely come out differently had felons enjoyed the right to vote.

5. Mandatory Voter Registration. Soros-funded organizations seek to end voter registration. Voter registration takes forethought and initiative, something lacking in large segments of the Democrat base. It also allows election officials to verify the identity of registrants, to place them in the correct precincts, and to ensure that duplicate registrations don’t exist.

6. Dirty Voter Rolls. Leftist groups are opposing efforts to clean voter rolls across the country. Millions of phony and obsolete registrations infect the rolls. Meloweese Richardson and Lessa Dolla Sowers voted multiple times because of dirty voter rolls.

7. Foreign Language Ballots. Federal law requires foreign language ballots in certain American jurisdictions. … Expanding foreign language ballots into areas not required by federal law has been an agenda item of racial interest groups.

8. Same Day Registration. Same day registration is a law that allows you to walk into a polling place for the first time, register to vote, and cast a regular ballot. It is a top agenda item of the institutional Left. Voter fraud associated with same day registration allowed Senator Al Franken to win in 2008, and also helped President Obama win Ohio in 2008.

9. State Qualification Instructions on Registration Forms. The reason the left is such a fan of the federal form is that it is wholly ineffective at preventing non-citizens from registering to vote.

10. National Popular Vote. The left wants to eliminate one of the central features of the Constitution — the Electoral College. Instead, they want a national popular vote. This change would shift power and GOTV dollars to large urban areas.

The states control the casting of electoral votes under our Constitution. That’s what the left hates. They prefer large urban areas decide the outcome of presidential elections, areas where an effective two-party system doesn’t exist. When the corruption of Philadelphia and Detroit can directly taint the outcome of national elections instead of being confined to the casting of Pennsylvania’s and Michigan’s electoral votes, the lawless will have triumphed.