Brisbane restaurant faces name criticism for celebrating the British Empire

Brisbane restaurant faces name criticism celebrating the British Empire, by David Sigston.

A Brisbane restaurant criticised for priding itself on celebrating the British Empire’s “push into the developing cultures of the world” says it never intended to cause offence.

British Colonial Co, in Brisbane’s east, opened on July 1, but has attracted negative feedback on social media in recent days. …

It comes months after a Vietnamese restaurant in Brisbane changed its name from Uncle Ho after protests and death threats.

People are disgusted because a Brisbane restaurant is called “British Colonial Co”. It is a racist title (of course). How unthinkable that anyone wants to celebrate the nation that set up our nation.

Presumably it could be called Indian Empire, China Corp, or Ghengis Khan, and that would be fine.

Expect an 18C case from British ex-pats in 3, 2, 1….

hat-tip Joanne