Al-Qaeda Urges Black Americans to Convert to Islam, Threatens More Attacks

Al-Qaeda Urges Black Americans to Convert to Islam, Threatens More Attacks, by Edwin Mora.

Al-Qaeda, echoing previous attempts to stoke racial unrest, called on African Americans to convert to its extremist form of Islam in a video released days from the 9/11 anniversary.

Only Islam can save African Americans in the United States from oppression at the hands of the white majority, argues al-Qaeda, nearly two months after its Yemen-based branch urged its followers to specifically target the white community in the U.S.

Al-Qaeda calls American blacks to jihad, by Christine Williams.

The al Qaeda ploy of manipulating victimhood is stark in its call for blacks to join the mujahideen. Such tactics bear a resemblance to those employed by Louis Farrakhan et al to keep their positions of power in exploiting victimhood, to ensure that blacks are kept oppressed in ghettos and blame whites for it, no matter how society evolves. …

The most effective psychological conditioning a potential black jihadist “warrior” can have is to be kept feeling oppressed and victimized by whites; become increasingly angry about it; then be indoctrinated about ways he can put that rage to “good use.” It’s a kind of harnessing of religiously motivated jihadi zeal. …

Groups such as al Qaeda and the Nation of Islam teach oppressed blacks (and other downtrodden visible minority groups) that they can be empowered and belong to the Muslim brothers, who are fighting in a “good” and “just” religious cause. …

Meanwhile, the Islamic State declared that if Muslims ran America, the black slave trade would have continued. Islamic supremacists are no friends to blacks.

hat-tip Stephen Neil