Australian Pension Bleating – Political Beat Up

Australian Pension Bleating – Political Beat Up, by Jaymez.

The complaints about adjustments to the Australian Aged Pension entitlements has reached shrill proportions in some quarters. …

But lets get the facts right. Pensions are being increased, not by much admittedly, but by more than many people’s earned income and by more than what self funded retirees are getting from their investments. It should also be remembered that the Abbott government did not reverse the carbon tax compensation uplift to pensions when the carbon tax was removed. …

Below are the new age pension rates per year, as at 20th September 2016.

Remember, to get this you need not have worked a day in your life, or paid a single cent in taxes. All you have to do is to have been a resident for 10 years (and even that has special exceptions). These rates include low income and energy supplements, and of course make no mention of discounts on shire rates, MV registration, free health care, cheap prescriptions and all the other discounts that pensioners enjoy.

  • Single Pensioner $22,804.60
  • Pensioner couple combined $34,382.40

Fascinating article on pensions, including comparisons with other countries. Australia is generous. Read it all.