Turnbull, Islamic leaders slam Hanson’s attack on Muslims

Turnbull, Islamic leaders slam Hanson’s attack on Muslims, by Rosie Lewis. That headline certainly frames her message — it is not about what Hanson said, but the politically correct response.

Malcolm Turnbull and Islamic leaders have united to reject Pauline Hanson’s call for a ban on immigration and her claim in the Senate last night that Australia was being “swamped” by Muslims and could soon be ruled by sharia law.

“Soon”? I suspect a straw man there, because I don’t she her quoted as saying “soon”.

Pauline Hanson, 2007

The One Nation leader also announced a radical one-child welfare policy, called for an identity card and hit out at the Chinese for buying “everything”. …

Sparking a walkout from the Greens mid-speech, Senator Hanson said she wanted a ban on the burka, to stop the construction of new mosques and schools with monitoring of existing ones and to prohibit business paying for halal certification. She criticised Muslim men with “multiple wives” for rorting the welfare system and said mothers should receive taxpayers’ money only for their first child. “Get a job and start taking responsibility for your own actions,” she said.

In her 1996 speech the Queenslander called for a radical review of immigration policy and wanted multiculturalism abolished — ­positions she repeated last night.

She also cautioned that Aus­tralia was “in danger of being swamped by Asians” who had their “own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not ­assimilate”.

Last night, she revised her message to focus almost exclusively on Muslims, claiming prisons had become “breeding grounds” for radicalisation and “indiscriminate immigration” and “aggressive multiculturalism” had increased crime and broken down social trust and cohesion. “Now we are in danger of being swamped by Muslims, who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own,” Senator Hanson said.

“If we don’t make changes now, there will be no hope in the future. Have no doubt that we will be living under sharia law and treated as second-class citizens with second-class rights if we keep heading down the path with the attitude ‘She’ll be right, mate’.

The Primer Minister is living in clueless global-elite world:

Asked for his response, the Prime Minister told The Aus­tralian: “Senator Hanson knows I do not agree with her views on ­migration. Australia is the world’s most successful multicultural ­society and the foundation of that success is mutual respect.”

We kaffirs are respected by Muslims? Any amount of documentary evidence going back 1,400 years and any number of public statements in recent decades beg to differ.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Keysar Trad said… “Just look around: Muslims continue to be a very small minority of Australians contributing tremendously to Australia.”

Really? The unemployment and social welfare stats disagree.

In the 2011 census, 2.2 per cent of the population said their religion was Islam. According to political and social analyst George Megalogenis, the migrant population has risen from 4.2 million to 6.7 million in the 20 years since Senator Hanson first played her race card.

Read her speech for yourself.

hat-tip Stephen Neil