Hillary Clinton: Sick and Tirade

Hillary Clinton: Sick and Tirade, by Steve Sailer.

[T]hat’s a major reason so few of her supporters will attend her rallies. Hillary can’t round up a healthy crowd to listen to her orate because advancing decrepitude is depressing, and people don’t want to be around it. …

It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that if at the 9/11 memorial there hadn’t been a lone bystander with a videophone who alertly recorded Hillary’s alarming breakdown, we would still be getting lectured by the respectable press about how concerns over the Democratic nominee’s health are “conspiracy theories.”

Sailer proposes that Hillary is losing her political discipline with age, quoting the mass insult of the “deplorables” as evidence.

Hillary, formerly a fairly smooth Secretary of State before a series of unfortunate events wrecked her health, seems to be coming down with a case of Elderly Tourette’s Syndrome. The older you get, the harder it is to keep from blurting out exactly what you think at the moment.

The dapper, well-programmed Hillary of 2008 wouldn’t have ejaculated quite so blatantly at her LGBT fund-raiser on Friday how much she hates a huge chunk of the American people. But the decaying Hillary of 2016 lacks the self-control to keep her emotions under check.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Elderly Tourette’s Syndrome because I enjoy hearing what famous people really think.

Poll data is coming in on the deplorables versus Hillary backers, and there’s not as much difference as the PC crew would like to make out:

Why are they deplorable? Because some of them are crimethinkers. Most of the columists cited a poll that found that only 68 percent of Trump supporters, compared with 78 percent of Clinton backers, didn’t agree with the deplorable contention that blacks are less intelligent than whites. Moreover, a mere 53 percent of Trump supporters, versus 68 percent of Hillary voters, refused to agree with the lamentable assertion that blacks are less lawful than whites. …

Granted, a century of endlessly replicated social science studies have found that, on average, blacks are in truth both less intelligent and less lawful than whites.

So, the survey data show that Trump supporters are somewhat less ignorant of the past 100 years of social science than are Clinton acolytes. A serious question would be: How much trouble is this country in when even Trump voters are unaware or unwilling to be honest about fundamental social realities?