The Useful Myth Of Mighty Whitey

The Useful Myth Of Mighty Whitey, by Rod Dreher. A watershed has been reached  in the US, and maybe spreading throughout the western world. The progressive bigotry of the political correct is forcing the white tribe to mobilize politically, for self-protection.

To a lot of people in power — both Republicans and Democrats — people like Faye McFarland [white middle class, salt of the Earth type] are at best an embarrassment and at worst “deplorables.” The Faye McFarlands of the world have judged rightly that the Establishment doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about them. [The liberals] frame the Faye McFarlands as enemies of what is good and right and decent, for the sake of disempowering them.

A quote from US News describing Trump’s followers:

Western civilization went from rewarding their hard work to rendering them useless, so Trump’s Americans mourn the economy they built with their own sweat. Their heart is broken and they feel no sense of honor in the call center or behind the counter of the dollar store. They don’t want welfare. They just want their dignity back.

The Democratic Party cut their cultural connection to these Americans, Republicans took them for granted and it took Washington almost a decade to realize working-class whites were dying from their own despair. It was too late.

Trump promised victories when no other politician seemed to care. But he’s a false idol taking advantage of honest fears.

Dreher agrees, and points out the hypocrisy of political correctness:

The heartbreaking thing is that Trump’s not going to do anything for these people. Some of the problems they face are beyond any politician’s ability to fix.

Here’s the thing, though: long after Trump has left the scene, they are going to continue being the Establishment’s villains. They wouldn’t put it in these terms, but many of them are aware that liberals in positions of power control public discourse to marginalize their voices, while granting privileges to other groups solely on the basis of race, gender, and sexuality.

It’s called “celebrating diversity” when they do it, but called bigotry when these whites do it. This is not news. What is news this political year is that these slurs are starting to lose their power.

Don’t get me wrong: I have a strong aversion to political organizing around race and tribe … But the identity politics embraced and proclaimed by the Left validates political organizing around race and tribe.

And the way liberal and progressive elites tend to demonize everyone to their Right (don’t believe men should use the women’s room? BIGOT!), and attempt to dispossess them, may compel whites to organize that way simply as a matter of self-protection. God help this country if that happens. …

As Ross Douthat has said, if you don’t like the Religious Right, just wait to see the Post-Religious Right. It’s coming. The fact that Donald Trump defeated the entire GOP establishment to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president shows that it’s already here.

hat-tip Stephen Neil