Australian Senate: Malcolm Roberts, a polished punchy senate speech

Australian Senate: Malcolm Roberts, a polished punchy senate speech, by Joanne Nova. Malcolm is a climate skeptic, a One Nation senator, and hated by all the myriad PC institutions in Australia — so we’ll cover his maiden speech to see what he’s about.

In his maiden speech as a new Senator, Malcolm Roberts looks sharp, stands tall, and fires his words precisely, and articulately. He oozes determination. He’s put in long hours for years to be there and he knows exactly why he’s there. …

His remarks on climate science are in the first ten minutes: Roberts strength is his reasoning — his focus on cause and effect. He’s right to draw attention to the failed predictions of Flannery and Karoly; he’s right to talk about the pause, and the cooling from WWII to the late 70s.

He’s right to question the sacred institutions like the BOM and their inexplicable and unreplicatable adjustments.

He’s right to keep asking for the data that shows that human use of hydrocarbon fuels affects the climate. Its 2,447 days since I asked if there was any evidence. To save the planet, you’d think one person would have emailed it.

Move over Pauline: No beclowning around in Malcolm Roberts’ maiden speech, by James Jeffrey.

With a fire-and-brimstone style that rendered the microphone redundant in a way Kim Carr could only dream of, Roberts gave a speech that left even his leader, Pauline Hanson, with big shoes to fill. He quoted John Cleese, former US president Andrew Jackson and Banjo Paterson, and compared himself to Socrates. Climate change was boomingly dismissed as “a scam”. …

He dropped in verbs used far too infrequently: “(Tim) Flannery beclowned himself saying at the start of this century Brisbane’s dams will never be full again”.

And like a pop song returning over and over to a catchy chorus, he kept coming back — sometimes with arms thrust outwards for emphasis — to a slogan that niftily contained his party’s name: “Instead of no nation, we must have one nation.”

He called for a “people’s bank” and belled the menace that is the “tight-knit international banking sector”, skating exhilaratingly close to the sort of language that saw Andrew Bolt wash his hands of him.

With the pyrotechnic power of his larynx showing no sign of waning, Roberts took Paul Keating’s oft-quoted contempt to the very Senate to which he has just been elected, amplified it and set it loose on a grander scale: “Australia’s values and way of life are also at risk from insidious institutions such as the unelected swill that is the United Nations.”

Britain was praised for freeing itself from that “socialist monolithic monster, the European Union”, a body that is itself “a template for total socialist domination of Europe through unelected bodies such as the (International Monetary Fund) forcing their frightening agenda on the people”.

Interesting. No wonder the PC crew don’t like him.

UPDATE: Malcolm Roberts drives Twitter nuts, by Andrew Bolt.

Malcolm Roberts’ first speech as a One Nations Senator has driven the Twitter haters crazy. The Left is absolutely horrified that he criticised the United Nations and the global warming religion. Here is Roberts’ committing blasphemy:

Speaking about the United Nations, Mr Roberts called the organisation a “socialist monolithic monster” full of “unelected swill”. “We need an Aus-exit,” he said. “The people of Australia are desperate to regain our sovereignty. We need to rebuild our nation.” …

Climate change:

“I have used freedom-of-information requests, correspondence and reports from the heads of the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, the UN [and] universities to show there is no data proving human use of hydro-carbon fuels effects climate. None. Yet the core climate claim is that carbon dioxide from our human activity will one day, some day, catastrophically warm our planet.”

Establishment opposition:

Mr Roberts also thanked his party leader Pauline Hanson for bringing the party to the point where it had four elected Senators. “Twenty years ago, Pauline, the establishment ridiculed you. At the same time, they quietly started implementing some of your policies.”


Australians everywhere have told me and my colleagues, including Senator Burston, how important it is that our nation’s values and culture are protected. People allowed into Australia, must live by our laws.

Growing up my parents taught me to respect all cultures and religions. I lived with people of all faiths, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians. Australia has developed a society where people of all faiths are free to get along. In particular we must maintain our well- developed standards on the treatment of women and children, and the equal advancement of people from all ancestries. We should welcome anyone of any background who wants to live in peace, but for those who don’t plan to integrate into our culture and laws we need to protect our borders and keep them out.

My hope is that we will have a fairer immigration system, a system that stringently tests individuals in their commitment to Australian values. At the moment we test people wishing to take citizenship on Don Bradman’s batting average. I ask the question; why don’t we test people more properly before they come to Australia on upholding our great nation and our laws?