Austrian Presidential Election Delayed Because of Defective Envelopes

Austrian Presidential Election Delayed Because of Defective Envelopes, by Anton Troianovski.

Three weeks before a scheduled presidential election that could install postwar Austria’s first right-wing populist head of state, the country’s top elections official said the vote needed to be postponed.

The reason: Defective glue has been causing some mail-in ballot
envelopes to open, rendering the vote inside invalid.

The election has had to be reheld because of fraud, now this? Mighty suspicious.

Mr. Van der Bellen [Greens] beat Mr. Hofer [alt-right] by just over 30,000 votes in a runoff election on May 22. In July, the country’s Constitutional Court ordered a rerun because of improprieties in how some mail-in ballots were processed.

I wonder if this could happen in the USA as well, if Trump takes the lead? Obama and Lynch control the justice apparatus, and they don’t exactly follow the rules — they use executive orders to bypass congress, chose not to indict Clinton, etc etc.