Why Hillary Clinton’s health is now a real issue in the presidential campaign

Why Hillary Clinton’s health is now a real issue in the presidential campaign, by Paul McGeogh in the SMH (PC). Finally, the press cannot hide it any longer, and even the SMH acknowledges there is a problem:

Shot near the 9/11 memorial plaza in lower Manhattan, the bystander’s video which was uploaded to Twitter, shows Clinton leaning woodenly on a security bollard – supported by an aide as a campaign vehicle pulls up to the curb.

As a sliding, side door to the vehicle is opened, Clinton stumbles as several aides attempt to propel her into the vehicle – but she staggers from side to side several times.

Clinton’s legs seemingly buckle, as she appears to lose bodily motor control.

As Clinton is assisted towards the vehicle, her legs give way. She stumbles, falling into the vehicle – at which point the video ends, with the candidate lost in a scrum of aides and security agents. …

Dressed in a formal suit and wearing sunglasses, Clinton arrived at the ceremony at 8am – the temperature was about 28 degrees Celsius and humidity around 46 per cent. Her GOP rival Donald Trump attended – also in a formal suit – and attendees were required to stand for sometime in the absence of shade. …

On such a day as Sunday was in New York, an aspiring president would need pressing reasons to simply get up and leave – before the cameras of the world. Whatever “overheating” might symptomise, the incident will feed into an already turbo-charged, Trump-fuelled internet campaign depicting Clinton as physically unfit for the presidency.

Then there’s a coughing incident a week ago in Cleveland:

Apparently the previous seizures and odd signs weren’t enough to alert the PC press a month ago:

As we noted then, the press bias is outstanding.

Imagine if Trump had so much as a runny nose. CNN would impanel a group of medical experts to analyze his used tissues.

Yet when Hillary has a complete breakdown in public and suffers a seizure when talking to reporters, the press is silent.

Something’s wrong. Biden time?

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, her doctor says.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton Is Being Treated for Pneumonia, Leaves 9/11 Ceremony Feeling ‘Overheated’. The incident, according to a statement from her physician, was related to pneumonia and dehydration.

UPDATE: Look at what Hillary tweeted just four days ago:


hat-tip Stephen Neil