The new Britain: A Rotherham abuse survivor speaks out

The new Britain: A Rotherham abuse survivor speaks out, by Olivia Goldhill.

When Sarah Wilson was 11 years old, a 30-year-old man raped her in the school playground at night. The paedophilic attack was so traumatic that Sarah, who had no understanding of sex, was left numb to tears. When she returned home that night, she felt not only a deep sense of shame and disgust but also a fear that normal life was now over.

Sarah’s rape was the grotesque beginning of her systematic grooming and sexual assault. She was plied with alcohol and drugs, driven across the country to be raped by multiple men in one night, and ignored by both the police and social services. Her story is not unique.

Sarah is one of at least 1,400 children who were sexually exploited by gangs of predominantly Pakistani-origin men [Muslims] in Rotherham from 1997 to 2013. But when a report last summer finally revealed the scale of abuse in Rotherham, Sarah’s only surprise was that someone finally cared.

Sarah, victim at Rotherham

Video of Sarah, and much more of her story, at the link.

“I felt intimidated, it was a horrible feeling,” says Sarah. “Any child would feel embarrassed. I thought the men were too old but I don’t know what I thought was happening. What does an 11-year-old really understand, apart from growing up and playing with Barbie dolls?,” says Sarah.

She was forced to give one of the men oral sex soon after they first met but, after the initial assault, Sarah was not physically attacked for more than a year. Instead, she was introduced to a wider circle of Asian men, who fed her alcohol and cannabis until she became dependent on the drugs.

Soon after her 12th birthday, Sarah got into a car with a fat 35-year-old British Pakistani man who took her virginity. A friend at the time warned Sarah that the man was a paedophile and shouldn’t be trusted, but Sarah ignored her.

The ABC News here in Australia went on and on about Rolf Harris, night after night, without ever explaining what his indiscretions actually were. They only briefly mentioned Rotherham, once. Yet somewhere between 100,000 and a million English girls were abused under the cover of political correctness. The biggest scandal for decades, dwarfing what is on the “news” night after night. The ABC systematically misinforms us.

By the time Sarah was 13 years old, she was addicted to the cocaine and amphetamines that she was frequently fed, and rape had become a standard part of her life. She would be collected from her house and driven across the country, where she’d be forced to have sex with dozens of men. …

Sarah was addicted to drugs and became violent whenever her mother tried her to stop going out to get her fix. [Her mother] Maggie confronted her daughter’s abusers but they either laughed or threatened her with violence. And without any support from the police, she was left powerless.

The police and authorities:

On one occasion, her mother showed Sarah’s mobile phone to the police and pointed at the telephone numbers for 177 adult Asian men, but the police claimed that the Data Protection Act prevented them from investigating. The police told Maggie that Sarah’s behaviour was a “lifestyle choice” and, although they stopped the cars she was being trafficked in on several occasions, they would chat with Sarah’s attackers and showed no concern for a child travelling alone with several grown men.

Sarah called the police herself only once – to report a particularly brutal rape – but the officer laughed and refused to investigate. After speaking for a couple of minutes on the phone, the police officer said that as several weeks had passed since the attack, there wouldn’t be any evidence and the incident was not worth looking into.

When I ask Sarah what she’d like to say to those police officers now, she is briefly frozen in anger.

“Drop dead. I’d tell them to drop dead,” she says. “Why would a 12-year-old girl have 177 numbers of fully-grown men in her phone? The police thought that if we were getting raped, we wouldn’t keep going back. But the sex and drugs were not my decision. A child cannot consent to anything – they can’t consent if they want a packet of sweets or a fizzy drink. How can a child consent to sex with a 30-year-old man? The police just looked at us as dirty little prostitutes.”

She’s similarly disgusted by her two social workers, who used to moan about their caseload and treated both Sarah and her mother with disdain. “I f*ing hate them. They’re crap, they’re crap, they’re just crap,” she says. The social workers, she claims, never showed any concern for Sarah, and acted as though they couldn’t wait for the workday to end so they wouldn’t have to think about Sarah any more.

All drawing government salaries, but doing the bidding of progressives.

Sarah’s nightmare didn’t end once she had escaped her abusers and overcome her drug addiction. In 2010, her younger sister Laura was murdered, becoming Britain’s first white victim of an honour killing.

‘Violated’ by Sarah Wilson is published by Harper Element priced £7.99.