Hillary Clinton: Davos Dynast

Hillary Clinton: Davos Dynast, by Rod Dreher.

I made fun of Hillary Clinton going to a big $100,000 a plate fundraiser at Lady Rothschild’s beach house while Louisiana was underwater last month. I want you to read this story from The New York Times about her fundraising, in particular these passages:

Mr. Trump has pointed to Mrs. Clinton’s noticeably scant schedule of campaign events this summer to suggest she has been hiding from the public. But Mrs. Clinton has been more than accessible to those who reside in some of the country’s most moneyed enclaves and are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to see her. In the last two weeks of August, Mrs. Clinton raked in roughly $50 million at 22 fund-raising events, averaging around $150,000 an hour, according to a New York Times tally. …

Mrs. Clinton raised about $143 million in August, the campaign’s best month yet. At a single event on Tuesday in Sagaponack, N.Y., 10 people paid at least $250,000 to meet her, raising $2.5 million.

If Mr. Trump appears to be waging his campaign in rallies and network interviews, Mrs. Clinton’s second presidential bid seems to amount to a series of high-dollar fund-raisers with public appearances added to the schedule when they can be fit in. Last week, for example, she diverged just once from her packed fund-raising schedule to deliver a speech.

Try to say with a straight face that this woman is anything but the Queen of the Davos Set. In terms of social status, and being wired in to the globalist establishment, compared to her, the vulgar billionaire who lives part time in Mar-a-Lago is damn near a proletarian.

hat-tip Stephen Neil