Please give us a non-activist human rights leader

Please give us a non-activist human rights leader, by Janet Albrechtsen. A new president of the Australian Human Rights Commission must be appointed soon to replace Gillian Triggs.

Triggs has treated the commission as a plaything for her partisan politics. … Trigg’s cri de coeur fits a green-left interpretation of human rights, filled with large doses of self-loathing for Australia. …

Triggs took aim at politicians for passing counter-terrorism laws that were “disproportionate to any legitimate aim to protect national security”. How does Triggs know this? … The truth is Triggs has no clue about the level of threat this country faces from Islamic terrorism. … By refusing to be part of a sensible discussion about the challenge, Triggs has chosen to inhabit the green-left world of power with little responsibility.

Triggs failed on 18C by being partisan:

Triggs has been very chatty when it comes to challenging laws about national security and immigration but she is remarkably quiet when it comes to exploring the conundrum of a law that allows feelings to trump the fundamental human right to freedom of expression.

The new head needs to restore the AHRC’s reputation:

She has turned the commission into the home to green-left posturing and victimhood politics. Last year, Triggs accused our parliamentarians of being “seriously ill-informed and uneducated” about human rights.

That kind of cheap shot aimed at people with whom you disagree is just another reminder why the Attorney-General must surely be determined to find someone who can restore the tainted reputation of the AHRC.

Andrew Bolt suggests Albrechtsen replace Triggs:

Janet Albrechtsen will be horrified by my suggestion, but since she raises the topic of a replacement for the egregious Gillian Triggs as head of the authoritarian Human Rights Commission let me make a suggestion: make Janet boss instead. This is a job that badly needs someone who finally respects the most important human right of all.

hat-tip Barry Corke