Stereotypes strike again: Why don’t Black Lives Matter want to ban the Notting Hill Carnival?

Stereotypes strike again: Why don’t Black Lives Matter want to ban the Notting Hill Carnival? by Rod Liddle. The

[T]he glorious weekend weather persuaded me that I should spend a pleasant afternoon watching people stabbing each other at our annual celebration of stabbing, the Notting Hill Carnival. …

I go most years and enjoy the street food, the music and the sight of white police officers with fixed rictus grins ‘getting down’ with some vast-mammaried semi-clad mama, their helmets askew and rivulets of sweat running down each crisp white shirt. And of course the violence, the violence. I am delighted to say that in this regard 2016 did not disappoint, with more than 400 people arrested and five stabbed — and all for the very reasonable cost of just £7 million to the taxpayer.

From 2011, but much the same each year.

There is a real moral tension between wanting to treat individuals equally, and the statistical imbalance between groups that leads to stereotypes:

Six years ago I got into trouble with the Press Complaints Commission for a blogpost in which I stated that the ‘overwhelming majority’ of violent crimes in London were committed by black males. A few months after I was adjudicated against for purely political reasons, a Freedom of Information request by the Sunday Telegraph revealed the actual police figures and they concluded that I was ‘largely right on some of [my] claims’.

The majority of violent crimes committed by males in London were indeed committed by black males — 54 per cent of street crime, 59 per cent of robberies and 67 per cent of gun crime. I suppose you might quibble about my use of the word ‘overwhelming’, but not much else.

More to the point is the fact that black people suffer disproportionately from these crimes. In 2006 the Metropolitan Police Authority reported that 79 per cent of gun-crime suspects and, crucially, 75 per cent of the victims of gun crime, were from the ‘African-Caribbean’ community. Isn’t this where a Black Lives Matter campaign should begin — if not in the schools where a respec’ for gang culture thrives?

Black Lives Matter UK is of course a racist activism group, so they have no interest in black on black violence, or black on white violence — but boy are they interested in a third and less common violence, white on black.

It is a trope for our times. Any organisation which, however speciously, claims victimhood status cannot be gainsaid by the politicians and the authorities. It does not matter how absurd or unjust their complaints. They will be listened to, they will get grants and their moment in the sun. No matter how misguided or blind to the real causes for their unhappiness.

Don’t be absurd. Whites, males, straights, and Christians are not allowed victim status under any circumstances in today’s Soros-inspired PC society.

hat-tip Stephen Neil